2000 Renault Laguna RT 1.8 16V from UK and Ireland


Reliable workhorse


Never had any major faults until 187,000 miles when the gearbox leaked all its oil and split in half; £600 to replace the gearbox + clutch.

At 207,000 the water pump died, £170 for a new water pump and timing belt (parts + labour).

Minor issues: bonnet cable sized, heated rear window failed due to a loose connection.

General Comments:

Apart from the aforementioned breakdowns, this car is generally extremely reliable, averaging one mechanical failure per 30,000 miles travelled. This includes a 6,000 mile foreign holiday, completed with no faults at all.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2015

2000 Renault Laguna 1.9TD -I don't remember the ex 1.9 turbo diesel from France


Very dubious handling and bad assembly quality


This car was a rental, I didn't buy it. Anyway, I think I can review this car as I drove it enough to know how well was it made.

The "plafond" or roof cover, from the inside, was already detaching, as well as many other parts of the inside, one in the boot. Things inside just fall apart, and the car was new! I later knew this was a normal problem of this cars.

General Comments:

This car was well known by a good handling. Let me tell you: nothing of the sort. I picked it up in Charles De Gaulle airport and in the curve to access the freeway, I took it a little fast just to know the capacities of the car, it took the curve in three wheels, with a heavy under-steer and the ESP signal lighting in all the time, but without solving the problem, until I just decelerate.

It did accelerate well, but it was a boring car, with low quality and bad handling; the pass of other cars, and even worst: buses or trailers, pushed heavily the car to side movements, as if it was a bicycle. I went with it to Belgium and I was so disapointed that the day I returned to Paris, I returned it and asked for a Mercedes A-Class, an A-140 large it was -an underpowered car, but reliable and well built car, and much more enjoyable in freeways or highways. I had that A Class for months.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2007

2000 Renault Laguna Alize [Estate] 2.0i 16v 140 from UK and Ireland




Nothing! The car has been running perfectly for 2 years and has never failed an MOT.

Touch wood.

General Comments:

An Estate with 140BHP?

This car is amazingly fast! Perfect for long distance and for pulling the caravan a couple of times a year. The "Alize" is well kitted out with 4 airbags, CD player, Air Conditioning, Opening Tailgate Window, and much more!

Extremely useful for making a fool of some boy racers in their Vauxhall Corsas ;)

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Review Date: 13th May, 2007

27th Jul 2007, 07:52

As the owner of this car.. I regret to say it was written off a week ago. Lost control of the car in the wet and it ploughed into a field, hitting a telegraph pole on the way down. The car then flipped. Car stayed structurally stable, with correct deployment of all the airbags. Sad to see it go : (

2000 Renault Laguna Alize 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Slightly under-powered, but very comfortable


Gearbox was replaced at 70000 (a common problem apparently).

Cam belt replaced at 75000.

General Comments:

The Laguna is one of the most comfortable cars I have driven. Air Conditioning and comfortable seats are just some of the things I like about this car.

I feel the 1.6 engine is not really big enough for a car this size, however, it does perform well on motorways, and returns a decent MPG.

I have had this car for 12 months now, and it has been off the road for 9 days (gearbox and cam belt).

Following the Escort this car has excelled on all fronts.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2006

2000 Renault Laguna Sport 1.8 16v from UK and Ireland


A good value semi sporty looking car


Ignition coils needed replacing at 63300 when car was brought, replaced free of charge by garage who brought from. (same happened on previous Laguna at similar mileage)

Hydraulic ram for supporting boot failed, expensive part to replace (£50 from Renault dealer)

Rear offside door seal leaks water into car during heavy rain.

New offside suspension coil spring, replaced under RAC warrenty.

General Comments:

The 1.8 16v engine is noticeably quicker and quieter (120bhp to 90bhp) than the old 1.8 8v engine, with a noticeable increase in fuel economy.

Sport seats are firm, but comfortable enough for both short and long distance driving, with thick padded seats something that Renault are good at. Although some of the interior gives the impression of being tacky.

Apart from the seats, rear spoiler and 16inch alloy wheels, there is little else sporty about this car, in hindsight I would have sought after a much better equipped RXE model (climate control, 6 CD changer and computer), although the car itself is relatively well equipped with air conditioning, CD player and heated wing mirrors.

This model is the face lift model and still looks relatively fresh compared to the pre-face lift model, I suggest looking post 1999 if considering a Laguna to buy.

The car has done a large amount of its mileage with me on motorways and dual carriageways and it soaks up the mileage effortlessly, with all dashboard controls kept relatively simple and within easy reach.

I would consider buying another one of these in the future, good comfortable and strong car, the 1.8 16v is more than adequate for all round use and the car still looks fresh and new.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2005