28th Feb 2004, 14:41

With reference to the issues regarding Laguna mark 2 I to have had similar problems. The four missing wheels are generally always on regardless of weather and tyre pressures! but the disco looks quite immpressive. The "key" could be described as a lottery as to whether it will work or open the doors even with a new battery in: locking up can also be interesting or impossible: resulting in having to put the "key" in the slot and remove to reboot the electrical gadgetry. Parking is like driving the titanic with a really poor turning circle and quite often poor visibility. A nail in a tyre on the M25 was interesting as there was not a jack with the car either.

15th Jun 2004, 09:50

Wow! What a mess the Renault seems to be... and such a pity for what otherwise seems a gem of a car. This page of comments has driven me from a definite decision to buy to a definite decision not to in the space of three minutes!

I had use of a Laguna I in France (1.9Tdi), and there were continual fuel injection problems- but one would have expected a reputable manufacturer like Renault not to release a second version of the car in a worse state!

If any of you have comment on an equivalently specced alternative I'd most appreciate it.

28th Jun 2004, 02:05

Try a Mondeo TDCI. I switched from a late Citroen Xantia HDI estate which had excellent performance, but I found the driving position uncomfortable and was considering a Laguna, but heard rumblings about unreliability. Having read some of the posted comments I'm glad I didn't go for one. I now have a Mondeo 2.0 Zetec petrol estate which has been perfect. I am now considering the TDCI version in 'S' form, mainly for better caravan towing. The Mondeo is spacious, attractive, comfortable, well built and, in my case, extremely reliable. Good luck.


19th Feb 2005, 05:27

I have a Laguna 1.9 DCi bought in 2003. It is due for a service, but to be honest I keep putting it off because of the service from the dealers. In June last year I took it in with a faulty rear-wiper. They ordered a new motor, and I took it back in to be replaced. They then decided it wasn't the motor and took the car apart to find the wiring fault -4 days off the road. At the same time we'd mentioned the fuel injection warning had been activated a couple of times. They said they couldn't fine anything wrong, and that was that. The following weekend, in a long journey it happened again, and went into limp home mode. We reported it to the garage on our return, and they ordered a new turbo. When they fitted the turbo, they didn't re-attach the pipes correctly, and we lost almost all of the oil out of the engine. I've currently got a tyre pressure sensor fault, and through a chance meeting with the previous owner, found out the dash was replaced (including mileometer, speedo etd) at 9,000 miles, and dealer didn't tell us.

26th Feb 2005, 02:56

I had bad news today. The car went in for its three year service, at just 31,000 miles. I was told the car would need new rear discs pads and calipers. The calipers are £222 each, and with fitting, and a generous 20% discount from Renault, I have a bill for £647 to look forward to. The service cost £350, which seems a bit steep. I have had few problems along the way with my Laguna, including the seat squab tensioner which snapped. Solution? A new seat squab at £250! Needless to say, I have left it the way it is. I love to drive it, it's great to look at, but the reliability is not anywhere near good enough. My car had just a one year warranty - it's an import car, but that's not an excuse for such poor reliability. Anyone else heard of rear calipers failing?

27th Feb 2005, 23:20

Was thinking of buying a diesel Laguna which is a great looking car, but having read the comments, I'm off to buy one of the New Skoda Octavia's, which seems to be getting good reports.

3rd May 2005, 16:31

I have had a 1.9 Dci Tourer (02 reg) for the last 6 months as a company car and although a comfortable cruiser, it is now starting to run 'rough'. At 25 k most diesels are bedding in for long haul, but I am more than a little suspicious of this one. Erratic tyre pressure warnings- especially in freezing conditions. The tyre wear is extraordinary- I do not drive the car hard and it spends most of its life chugging up and down the motorway. All the tyres are showing heavy wear on the outside edges, the sort of wear I would associate with failing shock absorbers. I had a 406 HDi 110 Estate before which shows the Laguna up in nearly every dynamic area. The Laguna may have one the best NCAP's around, but it is just not good at anything. A real shame for such a handsome car.

4th Jun 2005, 10:49

I have a 2002 Laguna Sports Tourer 2.0 Dynamique with a similar problem to the first comment. For the last year I have been experiencing the electrical lights coming on after a bad start, this leads to the car cutting out at 3000 rpm, quite dangerous when you are on the motorway as your top speed in fifth gear is 40mph. Sometime stopping and locking the car solves the problem, but not always. Renault seem to think there is no problem with this, strange. Can anyone who has the same problem tell me how to reslove this with Renault? Many thanks.

16th Jul 2005, 16:56

Having recently bought a second-hand 2001 3.0L V6 Privilege estate, I must say it's a superb car. I read lots of reports that were not to favorable towards the Laguna due to reliability, but, touch wood, so far everything seems OK. The car has 67K on it with full history. A little creaking coming from rear end at low speeds on bumpy surfaces, but other than that, a great car. Just hope it stays that way!

There are some good ones out there!

4th Aug 2005, 13:29

I recently purchased a 2000 Laguna Estate 1.8. Three months later the throttle body sensor was diagnosed as faulty after the car displayed "Fuel injection fault" and defaulted to reduced engine revs. The main dealer replaced the throttle body sensor with the upgraded alluminium housing instead of the plastic unit, but when the fault remained I was informed that the on board computer and the new throttle body were incompatible, and the computer would require to be replaced. The dealer has offered to wave the labour charge, but I still feel that Renault should be aware of the fault by now and repair the vehicle completely FOC.

7th Aug 2005, 14:54

I had the pleasure, of owning a 2.0 Privilege Sport Tourer, (petrol).Problems were limited to rear hatch locking system, and crank angle sensor. I agree that the Laguna does seem to suffer with its reliability, but think it a great car to drive. It also looks the biz. I now own a Primera T Spec 2.0 ltr auto, whick I've had for 3 months. No problems yet!