2nd Oct 2003, 05:34

I am also from Greece and I bought my Laguna Estate 1.8 Dynamique a year ago. I've only done 7500 km and had no problems so far. I love the car, it's the best looking estate of its class and handling is great, but all the unfavourable reviews I read in this site and elsewhere have terrified me. Since most faults reported tend to appear in the UK I've come to believe that the French deliberately send faulty batches in the UK to irritate Brits! Your review has overturned this theory! Have you met any other Laguna II owners with problems in Greece?

25th Nov 2003, 10:15

Have had repeated problems with warning light displays. Air conditioning packed up on the hottest day of the year--it took a month before it was fixed. Twice, when tyres (your spellchecker tells me this is a misspelling) have gone flat through no fault of mine, the sensors have broken and had to be replaced and the system reprogrammed at a cost to me. Renault accept no responsibility for this design error.

10th Jun 2004, 09:20

Mine Renault Laguna II had been visiting the "Renault clinic" in Singapore many times. Definitely > 15 days.

One of the longest towing record it had made, due to coolant leak at the gasket joint for the coolant pump, which my vehicle was towed for almost 400km, from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. I ended up spending S$400 to hire a van to fetch my family back from Holiday, what a awful experience.

And the resale price is horrific, I lost 40% of the orginal purchase price for a care that had done only 40,000 Km!

Other faults encountered: Fuel leak, faulty power window, engine stalled suddenly while traveling on highway (took the agent 6 months to resolve this intermittent problem). Now the care is only 20 months old.

1st Oct 2004, 14:59

I have a Renault Laguna dynamique 1.9 Tdi (company car) 3 months ago the turbo failed, causing clouds of black smoke from the exhaust, after pulling over to the side of the road, I found the engine would not switch off even with the key card removed, the engine revved up to full rpm on it's own and the interior of the car began to fill with smoke, all I could do was stand 100 yards away and wait for it to stop, it did after about 5 minuets, after a visit from the fire brigade, the car was put on a low loader and taken to the dealer, i now have a new engine and turbo, an engine oil leak, a gearbox oil leak, and the usual tyre pressure warning light that has kept me company for the last two years, the car is only two years old, I now have a Vaxhall!