2001 Renault Laguna 1.9 dCi turbo diesel from France


Don't let the good looks fool you, it's junk!


Electrical faults, turbo issues, leaking injectors, passenger window quit working, both key cards quit working, door locks work when they want to, passenger seat non adjustable. Rattles and squeaks.

General Comments:

I recently moved to France from the USA, and needed a good family car. The Laguna looked like a good deal for the money. It's a clean, beautiful car with great styling and plenty of features. Unfortunately, it's the biggest piece of crap I've ever owned.

Rides great on the highway, but around town it feels like a bucket of bolts. Goes into limp home mode whenever it wants to, and nobody can figure out why, Renault or independent mechanic.

I should have done more research before buying it, but was in a hurry to get some wheels. I am going to have to lose money selling it now, because my conscience is greater than the guy's who sold it to me. I saw on the news the other day that Renault was laying off factory workers and sending their jobs overseas. Good, they deserve it if this is the best they can do! Lazy jerks!

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Review Date: 19th February, 2012

17th Jun 2012, 14:33

Original reviewer here. Finally got the limp home mode problem with the turbo fixed. I cleaned all of the pipes that connect to the turbo and EGR systems, replaced the EGR valve, unplugged the MAP sensor, went for a short ride, and plugged the MAP sensor back in. The warning light has not come back, and the car runs fine now.

The key cards still won't lock/unlock the doors, and it still rides like a bucket of bolts around town, but at least it goes now.

I forgot to mention before that the front seats won't recline. As I understand it, they never did, because Renault installed a batch of incorrect seats on these things.

Also the stereo quit working until I got the code from the dealer, and the passenger side mirror fell out for no apparent reason.

I still wish I had bought something else.

2001 Renault Laguna Privilege 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Don't buy Renault


Tyre pressure sensors - spurious warnings.

Front brake discs warped - £235.

Failed 1st MOT on ball joints - dealer replaced for £302 (£151 stumped up by Renault UK).

Front brake discs warped again at 2500 miles since fitted new - dealer replaced under part warranty.

Ignition coil failure - £82.

Key card reader failure - £225.

Front passenger door lock not engaging.

Clutch slave cylinder failure - £270.

Front brake discs warped again.

General Comments:

Great looking car, but it's a pity the mechanics/electrics don't match up.

This car cost me more to run in 1 year than my previous car, a Toyota Carina, cost me in 10 years of very happy, worry-free motoring.

Not surprisingly, I'm back with Toyota.

There are NO Renault vehicles in North America. That speaks volumes.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2012

2001 Renault Laguna Dynamique 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Oh dear


1. Keycard remote functions don't work (This is a very common fault).

2. Dashboard reader does not always recognise one of the cards, meaning I could be stranded unless I carry them both.

3. Engine idling at 1200-1400rpm.

4. Electrical warning light comes on, car constantly revs around 2000rpm and goes into "limp" mode, which renders it dangerously undriveable.

5. Once the car broke down altogether, revving at 4000rpm, and bogging down and stalling when I attempted to limp it to a garage.

6. Steering wheel feels a bit tight when trying to manoeuvre (probably needs new PAS belt).

7. Cooling fans only work when set to speed 3 and even then not always.

General Comments:

Car looks amazing, 2001 Laguna 2 in dark grey with 17" alloys on low profile sports tyres. My neighbours were sneaking out to look at it and I have received many compliments - my nan started crying when she saw it, cos she said it was so beautiful!

The handling is simply superb, the grip never lets you down, and although some ride comfort is sacrificed due to the big wheels and thin tyres, the car's suspension is so well set-up and the interior seats are so comfortable you will barely notice; I would recommend any driving enthusiast to try low profile sports tyres as they definitely improve the driving experience.

On the other hand, from a reliability viewpoint, the Laguna is terrible. It really is as bad as you've heard.

I recently called trading standards about this car, as I am looking to get my money back. To say I have previously owned FOUR different 406s, three of which had over 100,000 miles on the clock, and never once wanted my money back, this is a really poor showing from the Laguna, which is still in a practically brand new condition - better than most of the 406s were, yet they just kept going and were so entertaining to drive.

The 1.8 engine is underpowered and can barely get up hills with passengers - this is bad news in Sheffield, which gets its name from the seven massive hills it is built around - and I'm only getting 29mpg on short journeys. The car cannot get up hills in the rain; not enough power in 2nd gear, 3rd gear is too high and 1st gear wheelspins - car seems to hit a rev limiter at 5200rpm, despite redlining at 6500.

Insurance is cheap, but tax is about 33% more than my dad's 2.0 407 HDi 136, which is vastly more powerful and does 8 more mpg, despite being 150kg heavier than the Laguna! When will manufacturers stop putting little engines in big cars? I can only imagine how bad the 1.6 must be!

The car is packed with tons of technology. The keycards and start button are cool at first until the cards start to play up, which costs £140 for a new keycard -- I had someone fix it over EBay for £20, and although the remote buttons now work, the keycard now only starts the engine 50% of the time, so I need to use one card to unlock the car and another to start the engine!

Be advised you cannot realistically lock (or unlock) the car without a functioning keycard!

Honestly, it's been such a disaster in the last 3-4 months and has not only put me off Renaults, it's put me off French cars altogether.

I was saving for a 407 HDi, but sod it, I'm going to buy a Honda and finally own a car that I know will bring me safely home.

Avoid the Renault Laguna 2 at all costs, especially the 1.8.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2010

8th Jul 2010, 20:07

Spare a thought for us in Australia and NZ where not only are Laguna's as unreliable as those in the UK are, but parts are extremely expensive, take forever to arrive from France (months) and no mechanic knows how to fix them or will touch them with a 10' barge pole! Luckily we don't usually have the small engine versions though.