2001 Renault Laguna Dynamique 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Would never buy renault again


Reoccurring fault with TYRE PRESSURE SENSORS from purchase.

Numerous problems with tailgate switches for both top and bottom sections, (as it is split on the Dynamique sport tourer).

Window wiper motors front and rear have had faults. (currently front out of action).Both motors had supposed to have been replaced under manufacturers warranty.

General Comments:

This RENAULT LAGUNA is the worst car I have ever owned and I've had some crap.

The local dealer service I have had from EZRA SUGDEN @ WORKSOP has been exceptionally poor if not criminal.

All warrantied repairs always took numerous visits to rectify, and the fitment of new parts blurred under a blanket of lies. And I'm not the only member of my family to fall fowl of this company.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2005

28th Aug 2005, 14:38

This is probably the worst review I have read in this entire page. The conclusions you are getting into have no real bases.

6th Sep 2005, 16:47

I own 2 Renault Laguna 2001 (new model), one for the company (1,8 Estate), and one privately (1,6 Hatchback), and have had NO problems so far (Sep. 6. 2005). I was initially very concerned about the quality, and had earlier in life sworn that I'd never buy a french car, but was convinced me was the "true" 5-star EURONCAP rating, which no other family car had in 2001 (the Laguna still ranks at the very top if you look at crash details!). It's time to exchange the company car, and it'll be the facelifted Laguna, but probably with a 2,0 or 2,0T engine, because the 1,6 and 1,8 are a bit slow. Best regards Jens Michael Poulsen jmpoulsen@yahoo.com.

2001 Renault Laguna Dynamique 1.9 dci from UK and Ireland


Sporty, comfortable car a serious disappointment and too expensive to justify ever buying another


Turbo blew, nearly setting the car on fire.

Tyre sensors broke whilst getting new tyres. Costs £30 to re-set sensor light.

Now whistles again, apparently due to oil in the exhaust from my turbo incident.

Air con no longer works.

Locks me out or can't lock at all.

One problem after another, usually expensive.

Have spent £1500+£750 of warranty in 4 months in repairs.

General Comments:

Should of bought another german car.

Very expensive mistake.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2005

19th Oct 2005, 12:57

I totally agree, I own a 2001 petrol dynamic and could write a book on faults with this car. I wish I had kept my old 1998 laguna RXE, but I'm not going back to renault after I get shot of this one. Japanese or German next time.

2001 Renault Laguna RXI 1.8 16v from Netherlands


Great value for it's price


There hasn't gone anything wrong with the car so far, only the usual maintenance.

The original good year tires have bin replaced around 50.000 for Michelin Primacy's, which perform far better then the good year's, both in dry and wet conditions.

Distribution belt replaced at 105.000.

General Comments:

Considering the small engine the car is pretty fast, handles very good (Even in comparison with the Clio V6 I use in the weekend's). The torque curve is impressive, much torque at low rpm s. The interior is excellent although after five years there are some sounds, but nothing disturbing, and considering the very bad road conditions the car has to go by everyday it isn't strange. Brakes are also excellent, very good feel, and no fading.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2005

10th Jan 2007, 15:56

Thank you for a good report. Today I bought a 1.8 Sport Estate. But had not seen these pages until now. So many bad reports have been posted that I was already thinking about selling the car and I don't collect it until next week. You have given me some hope again!

2001 Renault Laguna Sports Tourer 1.8 16v from UK and Ireland


A good-looking car undermined by extremely poor engineering.


Five - count 'em! - five recalls from Renault for various things, most notably an engine management problem which resulted in the engine revving uncontrollably when cold. That'll be good for long term engine reliability!

Various pieces of interior trim breaking / falling off / disintegrating.

Intermittent failure of the Boot catch to unlock.

Intermittent failure of the sunroof to open.

Weeping oil seal on drive shaft.

General Comments:

The Laguna II sports tourer is one of the better looking estate cars, which is the reason it became our family car.

Performance of the 1.8 petrol engined car is adequate, even fully laden, but the engine revs are high at motorway cruising speeds (approx 3300 rpm at 70mph) which doesn't make for the most restful environment.

Handling is not bad for an estate car, while the boot is a moderately decent size. Legroom in the back is not great, however.

The quality of the interior fittings is extremely poor, both in terms of quality of materials used and the quality of the engineering that puts them together. My childrens' toys (which are by and large made in China) contain better quality plastic and are better put together than this Renault.

Generally, this lack of engineering quality extends to the entire car. It would be interesting to ask Renault engineers whether they actually have any pride in the cars they build.

With the exception of the recall items, none of the faults described in the "What has gone wrong" section were deemed by Renault to be covered by the car's warranty. This, despite the car having been serviced at the required intervals and despite all faults having occurred during the warranty period. This is because the faults were all said to be a result of "wear and tear". To my mind, this means that the Renault warranty is, in effect, worthless. Frankly, if a boot catch is subject to wear and tear then so is anything in the car.

This is the fourth Renault that has been forced upon me and in my judgement this Laguna is entirely typical of all of them: not bad-looking, uninspiring to drive, made of poor quality materials using poor engineering resulting in poor reliability.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2005