2001 Renault Laguna Sport Tourer Dynamique 3.0 V6 from UK and Ireland


Low cost before good quality


Coils - 2 out of 6. all replaced.

Air conditioning - broken pipe.

Creaking drivers seat - fixed with spray grease.

Easily buckled wheels.

Cruise control switch.

Loose front suspension strut.

Rattling sunroof - fixed with thick grease.

Creaking windscreen wipers.

Dashboard is an endless source of rattles and creaks.

Excessive and uneven front tire wear.

Rear seat belt not retracting.

Roof lining loose.

General Comments:

If it was well put together, this car has the ability to accelerate well, cruise quietly, take just about any load and justify the high cost of keeping it fed with fuel and rubber.

Unfortunately, it has had too many faults and ongoing dashboard rattles. This really spoils what could have been a good try.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2005

2001 Renault Laguna Dynamique 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Unreliable, not worth the money, an uninteresting drive


The main fault was that when driving the car would intermittently lose power unexpectedly. You might find yourself in the outside lane of a motorway, happily going along at 70 mph, and suddenly the power dips alarmingly and you have to pull in ASAP. This fault appeared to be more prevalent when the engine had been switched off for a few minutes (e.g. when you stop for fuel), approximately 5 minutes into the next part of the journey.

The local Renault dealer started by saying that Renault were inclined to be helpful when dealing with this specific fault, i.e. would repair it f.o.c. (it was just out of warranty), however after having the car in the workshop for a whole day it was returned without anything having been done. They said they couldn't find the fault, however it would appear that the car had only traveled less than five miles that day, so they didn't carry out a proper test.

General Comments:

I was extremely disappointed with this Renault. The car, when it was running without the problem, was not very responsive and was an unexciting drive.

The interior was quite attractive, this one had half leather seats and all the extras, but this did not compensate for the lack of power.

I'd had a previous Megane 1.9 tdi which was a tremendous drive, very speedy through the gears and a much more interesting drive. I felt that the Laguna, even though a newer model, was a step back in quality.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2005

2001 Renault Laguna Dymoniquie 1.9 Dci from UK and Ireland




Tire preasure Sensors not working when purchased

ABS warning light on all the time

Battery goes flat in 3 hours

Rattles from dash board

Creaks over bumps

Dash board creaks if the heating is turned up

Reversing light works occasionally.

General Comments:

Its very nice to drive when you can get the thing to go. I have had lots of trouble with the battery going flat. I have put in a new battery. This still goes completely flat after a few hours. I have had the A.A. look at it twice and also a auto electrician. They say something must be draining it, but cannot find the problem.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2005

2001 Renault Laguna 1.8 privilege 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Could be a great car if it was reliable


Continual problems with tyre pressure sensors. Needs new £35 sensor each time you change a tyre and £25 to reset computer with new valve.

New drive shaft at 18000 miles.

New discs all round at 22000 miles.

Failed 3 times at speed due to blown engine management fuse. Fault not ultimatley traced.

Facia problem at 61000 miles with mileage changing to km from miles and inaccurate gauge indications (ran out of fuel when needle still on white sector)

New tract rod ends at 50000 miles

Untraced problem with power steering which occasionaly caused wheel to go very "heavy"

Plastic door handles started to "flake" at 55Kmiles.

General Comments:

Good looking car which was practical and comfortable to drive when no faults present.

Reliability lets it down big time.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2005

2nd Feb 2005, 05:32

You do not need a new sensor each time you change a tyre. You DO need a person who knows what they are doing to avoid damage to the sensor.

The valve inside the sensor is a standard valve that just unscrews to be replaced.

20th Jul 2005, 10:44

I've had my tyres changed four times and only now has the sensor failed (After nearly 5 years) You just need a tyre dealer that knows what they are doing.