2001 Renault Laguna Privilege 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Rubbish, stick to making wine


Things that have gone wrong:

Lower ball replaced.

Rear axle bushes.

Key replaced.

And now the car is sat on the drive after towing it back. You can put it into gear without putting the clutch down, and the car will not move, so sound's like the gear box has failed.

Update: 25th July 2007:

Right, got the gear box replaced at cost of 500 pound. Now the axle bushes need doing, which I can say they haven't done bad, considering I'm a builder, and always humping stuff around.

General Comments:

Make sure you check the following:

Rear axle bushes

Both lights are working

No whirling noise's from engine

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Review Date: 12th July, 2007

2001 Renault Laguna Dynamique 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Beauty and the Beast


Rear axle bushes.

Xenon headlight self levelling system faulty - headlights randomly detect low flying aircraft rather than what's on the road in front of me.

Random problems with tyre pressure system.

Faulty door micro sensor on passenger side - interior lights don't turn off until car 'rebooted'.

Starter motor failed (£250).

Immobiliser fault which turned out to be a chewed wiring loom (£700+).

General Comments:

As yet, I haven't had the car serviced (not due for another 2k miles) but it has already cost me £1200 for repairs in just 9 months of ownership. During this time it has spent 5 weeks at a Renault dealer, mainly waiting for attention. Presumably this is because they are inundated with broken Lagunas.

Ownership of the Lag reminds me of an early Skoda Fabia my wife owned which was a 'Friday-afternoon' car. However, it just seems that all Lagunas are built on Friday afternoons...

Such a shame really as it's a great looking car with reasonable performance and high levels of comfort and interior space for a family of 5.

I am now torn between keeping the car, having now spent so much repairing it, and offloading it for something reliable...

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2006

4th Jan 2007, 10:29

Just an update. I was impressed when the car sailed through its service requiring only new rear pads over and above what you'd expect. 6 weeks on, it's just failed the MOT (it's never passed one 1st time yet) on the front ball joints. Estimating what this will cost, the running total for 14 months of ownership (wear and tear items, service costs, but mainly component failures) is now up to £2,050.

14th Feb 2007, 07:50

And yet another update. Horrendous noise coming from the alternator/water pump area turned out to be a failed power steering pump. £180 for the part + labour costs as yet unknown. So the running costs for the last 3 months alone are:

Dec 2006: Service inc rear brakes £350

Jan 2007: MOT + front ball joints £150

Feb 2007: Power steering pump £180 + £120 est. labour.

3 months total £800!!!

Question to Renault: Do you seriously expect people to continue buying your cars?

16th Feb 2007, 03:01

...and the replacement power steering pump lasted 20 miles before that failed too. Marvelous.

2001 Renault Laguna Dynamique 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


I will NEVER buy Renault again


Dash completely died while driving in the dark...not good. very scary.

Complete dash refit.

Faulty tyre pressure sensor.

Faulty key (£80) to rectify.

Lots of niggles like key (pointless)

General Comments:

Too gimmicky for it's own good. Poor reliability. Stuff that you expect to work doesn't.

Engine too small for car of this size, however that was our mistake.

Ride was good..

Overall. We had no confidence in this car.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2006

23rd Apr 2007, 13:18

I owned a 19DCI for 11 months, worst car I have ever owned. I thought I might be the lucky one and get a good one, how wrong was I. First thing to go wrong was the tyre sensors all 4 replaced, then the hazard lights would not turn off. New hazard light switch replaced, still not solved the problem so new brake light switch replaced that worked. One month later ECU went down that had to be replaced with brand new one (NOT CHEAP).Next to go wrong was one of the con rods snapped taking several other things with it. More very costly expense, and finally turbo give up putting the car into limp mode. Total repair bill ran over £2000.Not bad for a car that originally cost me £3500,but then again it was green. Needless to say I will never buy a French car again.