22nd Jun 2004, 13:28

I think it's a shame that the new Laguna is such a pile of junk. I have never driven anything, but Renault's, my R25 had 180,000 miles on it when I sold it for more than I payed for it after nearly 5 wonderful (and extremely reliable) years of motoring. My Laguna was also reliable (1998 model with 130,000 miles on) and I have now got a Safrane which has so far proved to be a superb car. My local Renault dealer salesman actually has a list of clients who want a Safrane like mine, but I don't want to sell! Interestingly, he told me not to bother with the Laguna as it wasn't very good!

28th Jun 2004, 06:24

Keep the Safrane until it drops. Excellent reliable car and proves Renault can build a decent car when they concentrate.

11th Oct 2005, 06:05

I have owned a Renault V6 2003. I strongly agree with the poor Reliability issues. I have sold this nightmare that spent more time in the dealer shop than with me.

16th Oct 2005, 11:29

Sometimes there is also a good car between the renault laguna.

My experience with my laguna from 1996 are great, and the new one a grand tour from 2001 is also very great. No problems at all.

10th Jan 2006, 18:58

Yes I agree. I too fell in love with the Renault 25 a few years ago, but, since My 2002 Luguna Sport Tourer, never again will I buy a Renault. Three sets of keys in 3 and a half years, the car off the road for a month while the local dealer faffed about eventually replacing the computer (trying to bill me) and a few other minor problems. Come back Ford. All is forgiven!

7th Feb 2006, 10:14

In the interests of balance I have owned a Mk2 Laguna Expression Estate 2.2dci for 2.5 years and have put 70,000 on the clock.

The car has proved very reliable though the build quality has resulted in some irritating seat squeaks and dash rattles.

Dealer experience until I was lucky enough to relocate was pretty similar to previous comments otherwise I would seriously consider another... for the looks, performance and generous specification.

16th Sep 2006, 13:07

The last 2 company cars I have had have been Mk II Sport Tourers. The first was a Y plate and I did 110K miles in 3 years. The only problem in 3 years was a sticking throttle motor, but the dealer in Brampton left the wheel nuts loose and the wheel almost fell off in the fast lane of the M1. Luckily, I felt the judder on the wheel and sorted it at the road side. The dealer never gave me an apology and I've never used them again.

My second, a 54 plate GT Sport Tourer from October 2004 and has done 76K so far and had no problem until the climate control fan packed in last month. My new dealer in Coventry have been great so they're not all the same. My advice if you have a warranty issue and your dealer isn't responsive, find another dealer.

24th Nov 2008, 15:10

I bought my Renault Laguna 04 cDI 1.9 after having owned a previous model 1.8 petrol laguna.

I was very pleased with it to start with.

I have had to replace both electric window winding mechanisms on the front windows, as the cables corroded and snapped. I have had to have new brake disks and pads which seem very expensive to me. I am told the bushes need replace on the rear axles, another expensive job.

I have just had to have one of the jets replaced on the engine: another expensive job. The car has done less than seventy thousand miles. I thought diesels were supposed to go on for ever.

Now the front seat won't move back and forward: no idea why. Also the lid that covers the Radio/Cd player won't stay shut anymore. I've also discovered that you don't actually need the key to start the car!!!! So much for security!

Everything seems to point to an expensive car, with only the promise of more things going wrong, although except for when the window winders broke in the open position, the car has not actually broken down.

I am disappointed because it seemed like a nice car to me and I love the shape. Perhaps Renault will improve.

I think they need to sort out their dealers too. My local dealer wanted to replace a part on my previous Renault at huge cost, which when I took it to another garage, it was discovered that there was no reason at all to replace the part!!!

It all adds up to disappointment really.

13th Dec 2008, 11:33

My experience is not very good with my Laguna 1.9dci (02 reg 105BHP) and (03 reg 120BHP). Major fault on the Laguna is the turbo, steering track rod end and the key card problem. Recently had a problem with the car; it doesn't start sometimes, and sometimes it's fine, so I had to replace one plug on fuel pump; it's similar to injector plugs.

5th May 2009, 15:49

I bought my Laguna II 1.9Dci two years ago and in that time this is what I have had done:

Front offside ball joint replaced, turbo replaced, rear suspension dampers replaced, front suspension springs replaced after front offside spring snapped, Front nearside track rod end replaced.

Air conditioning pipes have snapped, not yet replaced as bloody expensive.

I love the drive of this car, however it seems to be made out of paper as it keeps falling apart.

3rd Jul 2010, 15:53

I bought a pair of 2003 Laguna dCi 1.9s. They have been in the garage more than out. The keycards and electrical systems have been the problem. One cut out whilst driving and caused a lot of damage to the engine. €3700 later, the engine drives smoothly, but it often will not start due to immobiliser problems. I have to wait 15 minutes till it resets. I found this out by myself as the garage claimed it was injection problems and replaced parts again, costing several hundred Euros. Air bag lights flicker on and off, warning lights flash at odd intervals, I have had the key cards repaired in Wales which solved some problems (no thanks to the garage, a Renault main dealer). The cars are comfortable and a pleasure to drive when nothing is wrong, but that is almost never. My next car - never a Renault!

12th Oct 2010, 16:55

Bought a Laguna in 2006 for £5000, and up to this M.O.T., have spent more than the car is worth. I will not buy another Renault.

16th Oct 2010, 22:51

I just bought a Renault Laguna 1.6 16v. With electric everything. A 51 plate. The car was checked thoroughly & test driven, & was perfect. Just very sensitive brakes, & it was driven 30 miles from the seller address, at high speeds on motorway. All was perfect, except a £25 wheel sensor was needed. But this faulty sensor meant a constant flashing warning light. Orange, with a "D" in centre. It indicated a tyre pressure was too low. But after the 28 mile drive back with it, I took a friend 100 yards to a shop & back, & all seemed fine.

Next day I insured it, & because a tyre warning flash was happening, I was intending to go to a garage to put the tyre pressures as right as possible (considering air compressors breakdown often in my area). But I got 100 yards & the STOP light came on. It stalled on me, losing steering power. So I turned back. Got my own jump starter / air compressor. Aired up indicated tyre & warning lights went out. I put jumper/compressor on the floor, & took it for a local test drive. I only got around 600 yards when the STOP & flashing light came back. It stalled & steering was non existent. I got my compressor out & put more air into the tyre, & everything was fine again, & drove around then home again (maybe a slow puncture)?

But then an orange light with a ! denoted lit up, & STOP again came on. Aired tyre & it went off (STOP I mean), but then ABS light stayed on, & this ! light, & giving up for the night, tried to lock it with the key card, but won't lock. Click open, & it all flashes & clicks, but won't lock. Anyone have any similar problems & costs?

The car is immaculate, & when safely driving is so quiet & smooth. All electrics work like air con., heater, CD radio; in fact all but this ABS warning, yet brakes are solid, & if brakes are pressed a bit too hard compared to my last car, it stalls & I lose steering control. I air up the tyre & it seems OK again, except for the ABS light & the ! Orange light. Also 2 tyres on display at CD radio display don't light up. Only left 2, & key will open click on press, but won't lock.

Am I doing anything wrong? Or have I got expensive problems already? Any feedback welcome. To Mack61.

12th Jan 2011, 14:00

Sorry to read all the negative comments. I have owned three Lagunas (1997, 2001 and 2006 models), and all have been excellent.