2003 Renault Laguna Dynamique 1.9dci from UK and Ireland


This car is an option you should consider if you are thinking of buying a VW Passat or Ford Mondeo.


Passenger door courtesy bulb blew.

Rear tailgate closing mechanism failed. It was only a small broken clip, so very cheap to fix.

No major problems at all.

General Comments:

The car was registered in June 2003 and has covered just over 25000 miles and still goes like a bomb.

The 120bhp engine is coupled to a superb six speed gearbox and gives you complete control of the engine.

It sits on nice seventeens.

Inside the car has leather and fabric front sports seats, with a three spoke sports wheel.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2004

2003 Renault Laguna Initiale 3.0 V6 from UK and Ireland


Renault really shines with this car


The tire pressure sensors have a mind of their own, but a trip to the dealer and a taut complain fixed it. Never failed again in 20k miles.

General Comments:

This is a great car, never had a single dramatic issue with it, it's comfortable, fast and good looking.

The fuel economy could be better, I average about 21mpg, but I do a lot of city driving, it normally gets between 29 and 31mpg in mixed driving.

Xenon headlamps are a blessing, my last car had useless headlights, I rarely find myself needing the high beam, low beams are perfectly suited for this car.

Service is a bit rubbish, but I got a call from Renault UK and filled a feedback form, after that I think the service got a little bit better.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2004

2003 Renault Laguna Expression 1.9 Dci from UK and Ireland


Totally unreliable


Radio has not worked from new.

Started taking 3 or 4 button presses to start the engine.

Complete failure of the car at only 452 miles.

General Comments:

The day after I bought the car, I tried to use the radio and it wouldn't come on. I contacted Renault, and they said they would order one in and phone me when it was ready. I phoned them a week later to ask where the radio was, and they told me the order had not gone through yet. They told me they would put the order though, and call me to confirm when it would be ready for fitting.

Two days after my call to Renault, the car started refusing to start. You press the button, and the engine turns over for about 5 seconds, but doesn't start. You have to press the button 3 or 4 times to get it to start. I drove to the local Renault garage, and asked them to sort it out. They told me I would have to book the car in, and the earliest time would be 2 weeks. I was furious. I tried several local mechanics, but they said they were unable to work on the fault, as it required the computer that they use at the main Renault dealers to test and reprogram the system.

A further 2 days later on, while driving home from work, the car cut out and died. I tried taking the keycard out and putting it back in again, but all that happens is a load of warning lights come on the dashboard, but the start button does nothing. Furious again, I telephoned Renault and told them to pick the car up. I told them I need a car to get to work, and they told me I would have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for a courtesy car. I picked up a hire car (what else could I do?) which I am paying £45 per day for. Renault took 9 days to pick my broken down car up from down the road, despite me calling up every day. Every time I phoned, they just acted more and more annoyed, like it was my fault.

It has now been 37 days since the car broke down, and I have spent over £1500 on a hire car, and Renault still have not given me an answer as to when the car will be ready. I get the impression that it doesn't bother them one way or another. Well I certainly won't buy another Renault ever again, and I don't think that's something that bothers them either.

A friend pointed out this website (carsurvey.org), and I could not believe my eyes when reading the reviews of the 2003 model Laguna. At the time of writing this review, 8 out of 10 reviews were negative. If only I had found this site earlier, I would have saved myself a fortune and a lot of hassle. 3 cheers for Carsurvey, which I will be sure to use next time!

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Review Date: 21st June, 2004

21st Jun 2004, 15:47

Hello... I COMPLETELY sympathize with you.

We DID own a Renault, and just like yours it was a complete disaster, and the main dealers DO NOT care...period.

In fact they even damaged my car while it was in their care, although care NOT being the appropriate word of course.

We shall NEVER own another Renault, it was a complete nightmare, in fact I have not know a car to have SO MANY faults, in respect of it's age.

But 'he who laughs last'... the garage whom sold us the car did call recently, funny when they want something.

They wanted to know if I was interested in trading our car for another, newer Renault. Like a bull to a red rag, I point blank told them I did not own the pile of junk any more, and that the dealership were no better than the reliability of the very car in question which was complete and utter rubbish.

You see I did not give them the courtesy of telling them to take me off their telephone list, JUST LIKE when they NEVER NEVER EVER returned my calls.

The very best of luck to you... you'll need it.