2003 Renault Laguna Initial 1.9 dCi from UK and Ireland


I've fallen in love with this car! Beats the competition on looks any day


Nothing yet!

General Comments:

My wife has had a Renault Megane Convertible for 5 years now and due to this cars reliability and quality I felt happy purchasing a Renault Laguna.

The car has 58000 miles on the clock and every extra going, probably because it was pre-owned by Renault.

Anyway, so far everything seems as it should be. No squeaks, from inside, no rattles from outside so I'm pleased with my purchase.

Radio and Sat Nav work and as expected.

NO Sat Nav is reliable in central London as the signal is bounced off buildings when it's not blocked altogether. Road alterations are a matter of fact in London so use an A-Z. I use SatNav as back-up, I always check maps first.

I'll update this review as I go, and since I'm a Mini Cab driver, lets hope this is a good one.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2006

2003 Renault Laguna Privilege 3.0 V6 from Mexico


Very fun to drive, great electronics


- Battery replaced at 10,000 kilometres ($90 US dollars).

- Two bobbins replaced at 33,000 kilometres ($200 US dollars).

- 4 disc breaks replaced at 40,000 ($1100 US dollars).

- Driver seat used to squeak, but the infernal sound fixed by itself.

General Comments:

- Excellent car although quite expensive to run when compared to my previous 4 Volkswagens (3 Jetta and 1 Golf).

- The low end torque the 3.0 V6 makes is amazing and pushes well at any speed up to 240 km/h. Thrilling sound with the K&N high flow air filter installed which makes you remember the Volkswagen'ss VR6's from the 90's.

- The 5 gears are long, but go well with the high torque; they seem to be designed specially for Mexico.

- Although it handles quite well, specially in the highways, on winding roads it inclines more than you'd prefer, and makes you be more cautious.

- Electronic traction control, anti-slip, brake assist, ABS work great as let you slip a little into corners before being over protective.

- Very comfortable, and silent.

- Amazing seats, specially on long trips.

- Letizia talks to you whenever you don't use your seat-belt or something goes wrong.

- Awful dealers, when the bobbins went wrong they couldn't detect the problem, even when I told them that a bobbin could be a possibility. I had to change it myself.

- CONCLUSION: Great car, dealers not recommended, buy your parts and find someone who knows a little of mechanics and ask him to change them.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2005

2003 Renault Laguna Dynamique Sports Tourer 2.2 diesel from UK and Ireland


Overall give it 8 or 9 out of 10


Virtually nothing wrong with the car in the full 57k miles I have driven it from new. It has been extremely reliable. The only slight moan I have is the poor quality finish of some of the interior items. Two items in particular.

1. The cover that drops down over the radio/CD section broke very early on, but is so poorly secured I am not surprised.

2. The two plastic covers in the boot section fall off with such regularity I just leave them there.

There is slight feel of a cheap "clunk click" quickly fitted together car that looks good new, but in actual use things start to fall off or break.

General Comments:

Overall I rate the car as extremely reliable, very comfortable to drive (especially long distance on motorways - as a sales rep it gets a lot of distance driving, 40k this year) but I have never got out of it feeling uncomfortable). The 2.2 diesel engine is very responsive with one major exception of a quick pull away from a standing start, e.g. joining a road at a junction it is sluggish and you have to really judge the approaching traffic speed carefully.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2005

2003 Renault Laguna Sport Tourer Dynamic Techno 1.9 Dci (120) from UK and Ireland


A great car, carries me, my wife and three kids in comfort and style


Radio/CD/SAT NAV started jumping 2 months ago. Renault replaced under warranty!

Slight rattle from engine bay. Traced to loose battery cover, small self tapping screw secured.

Passenger door lock just started making strange noise.

General Comments:

Very good looking car with nice set of 17" alloys.

Trim level on this edition is very good.

45-48 mpg and I drive fairly hard seems good to me, my Audi used to do 30 mpg, if I was lucky, from a 1.8 petrol.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2005