2003 Renault Laguna Dynamique 2.2 dci from UK and Ireland


A powerful and stylish motorway cruiser


Heating failed from new.

General Comments:

This car is very comfortable and extremely quiet on the motorway compared to my previous petrol Vauxhall Frontera.

It is very responsive for a diesel and has plenty of power and the kick down on the auto gearbox is very responsive.

Drives and handles a lot better than a BMW 325 TDS SE Auto I used to have and fuel economy is also very impressive. Currently getting between 47 and 51.4 mpg on motorway journeys at between 65 and 80 mph. Even though the car has only just done 1200 miles.

Coming back late at night I noticed the heating wasn't working and took it back to the dealer who booked it in straight away. Great service, but unfortunately they had to take out the whole dash to fix the problem and when they put it back the indicator lights and lights didn't work. Luckily they noticed this before I was due to pick it up and they offered me a courtesy car for my inconvenience.

The car has power points everywhere so is ideal for someone like me who has a portable satnav unit, mobile phone and radar detector. There's also a power point in the boot.

Overall it is what I wanted, a diesel with an auto gearbox.

I am extremely happy so far with the vehicle in terms of style, handling, performance, economy and service.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2004

23rd Oct 2004, 16:08

Watch out using a radar detector in a Laguna. They have a heat reflecting windscreen which means that laser and radar signals may not be picked up by a detector.

2003 Renault Laguna Dynamique Sport 1.9dCi from UK and Ireland


Faulty from new, still faulty, always will be


Passenger window opened one night on its own while the car was locked and filled the car with water.

Ash try compartment does not open at all.

If you close the radio cover then it takes about 20mins to get it open again.

Sat Nav tells you to U turn all the time when it's impossible and often leaves telling you which way to turn too late so your in the wrong lane.

Dash rattles.

Doesn't always start.

General Comments:

How much more would it have cost Renault to spend a little more time and effort in quality checking these cars before sending them out?

Overall the car is very very very poorly put together, everything rattles and anything that is movable gets stuck.

The car has a really bad flat spot at low rpm and does not pull at all until about 2000rpm meaning you have to always change down when approaching anything. I have driven many many 90bhp diesels (Audi/VW/Peugeot) and they all pull from about 1250, this is a 120bhp car that doesn't pull till 2000, even less so then a petrol engine. That simply is not good enough.

The engine is very economical as a plus point. I have not had less than 44mpg. You can get 70mpg out of it on long 40mph roads. Also motorway cruising is silent and smooth.

The steering is horrible. When driving at speed the speed sensitive steering makes it far too stiff and thus it puts a lot of pressure on your arms while trying to make minor corrections (i.e. to avoid the natural pull to the left of the road) A long journey leaves your arms aching.

The car looks great, it could be a fantastic car, but why oh why Renault couldn't be bothered to make sure all the bolts are tight and everything works properly I have no idea? Keep your customers happy and they will buy more cars from you? Renault seem to have the well that's your tough luck attitude and have no intention of keeping you happy whatsoever.

I know a few Laguna owners and have heard nothing, but negative comments. Most people moan about constant electrical faults (gages going off, gibberish text appearing on the display etc) fortunately mine doesn't do all that yet.

Come on Renault, can't you see how unhappy your customers are? Just look at all the other unhappy reviews on here and please please please do something to sort these cars out.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2004

4th Feb 2005, 17:06

We have one of these at work as a pool car. It had about 25k on the clock last time I used it.

I drove from Preston to Cambridge on a Sunday morning (no traffic) and got 41mpg (that was 100% motorway) Not good at all!

Also I found that when you had to slow down for roadworks (50mph) when you come out of the roadworks and put your foot down, you look like a complete idiot if you are in anything other than the inside lane. 50-70mph acceleration is the slowest I have ever seen in any car in my life unless you shift down into 4th gear.

Low down torque is non-existent for a diesel and fuel economy is terrible for motorway journeys.

11th Feb 2005, 07:52

Laguna ii 10000 miles 6 mths old we are on our 3rd gearbox!

Renault say "it is just one of those things"