2003 Renault Laguna expression 1.9dci from UK and Ireland


A gas guzzler


Excessive fuel consumption.

General Comments:

This car retains all the things I liked about the previous model, for example: comfort, handling, safety, but falls down on cost of ownership due to high fuel consumption.

This is not my first encounter with Diesel cars, I have owned two Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 Diesels, and without any special effort I was able to obtain MPG figures of between 48 and 52 depending on type of journeys. I chose the Laguna partly because I was very happy with my earlier petrol model, and also because all the test data indicated that the Diesel model was very fuel efficient. It is with great regret that I have to report that this car does not deliver anywhere near the figures quoted in the tests. I waited until I had done 5000 miles before contacting the dealer in case things improved as the engine freed up but to no avail.

I appreciate that fuel consumption figures can be subjective based on the mix of urban to motorway driving, so I have based my complaint on a worst case scenario. The worst figure that is quoted in the brochures, for Urban cycle is 38MPG. I recently did 300 miles which was all urban except for 30 miles on the motorway and I clocked 33.6 MPG, which I will round up to 34MPG because I know from taking my own measurements that the computer readout is around 1MPG low on a tankfull. By any standard this is not good , especially as I consistently got around 36MPG in my old petrol Laguna. On my usual mix of journeys I am obtaining around 45MPG whilst driving in what I consider to be a fuel efficient mode.

I had a diagnostic check done at my local Renault dealer and they ran all the computerised tests and gave it a clean bill of health.

Conclusion....if you are considering a Laguna Diesel based on the test data in the Renault blurb, beware! When all is said and done ..what is a Diesel any good for if it cannot deliver 50MPG?

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Review Date: 4th December, 2003

11th Jan 2004, 06:36

I totally agree!

12th Mar 2004, 13:30

I agree with the comments regarding fuel consumption. I also run a VW MK4 Golf diesel that returns 60mpg+. The Laguna gives 40 to 42mpg on long motorway runs at between 60 to 70 mph using the cruise control. I have also a bad squeak/rattle from the dashboard, this has been solved by the dealer (Mill Lane Renault, Aldershot). This is my 5th Laguna so they are doing most things right.


Barry Street.

2003 Renault Laguna Dynamique Techno 2.2 Dci from UK and Ireland


Over rated French 'luxury' attempt


Satellite navigation playing up.

Annoying rattles from engine and rear part of exhaust.

Car sometimes refuses to start.

Radio cover panel has difficulty closing.

General Comments:

Having only recently acquired my Laguna, I am somewhat disappointed in it already.

I was recommended the car from an avid Laguna fan who has driven them for years.

The Dynamic Techno has a good trim level for its price. Alcantra plus leather make the car feel more expensive than it clearly is.

Wheels are great. Nice 5 spoke 17 inch with 225 45 Zr 17 tyres. This is great if you are a fleet driver. If you are buying private, think of the cost. These tires do not come cheap.

Satellite navigation is fine, but do not use in central London. Try doing a u-turn when there is a central concrete barrier? I think not!. Also it has told me to turn into one way streets at the wrong end and tells you to change lanes too late.

You cannot listen to a CD when you are using the Satellite navigation. This is due to the system needing it's own CD to navigate as software. I would suggest upgrading the sound system if you are an avid CD listener like myself.

I have generally found Renault dealers very unhelpful when it has come to sorting out these problems.

As for the rattle from the exhaust, I ended up fixing it myself. There is a heat shield around the exhaust which vibrates against the pipe. Luckily it is made of thin metal and is easily bent out of the way by a length of two by four!

I had a rattle coming from under the bonnet. Again, no help from the dealer, but I found by myself that it is the air filter rattling in it's casing. Great pre-production testing Renault!

Fuel economy is very poor. The engine is still tight and in need of running in. I get 28 mpg! I thought a 2.2 diesel would return slightly higher than that.

I recommend the comfort pack 1. Enormous electric sunroof, (on sport tourer) plus climate control.

Climate is well worth getting.

The Xenon headlights are a must. Much cleaner than regular bulbs.

I dislike the plastic wings on this car. Even though this is the safest car on the road, it just isn't right.

For over twenty thousand pounds I would choose something else given the chance.

My previous car was a V5 Golf with upgraded wheels, suspension and Xenon lamps. This cost less than my Laguna! Take the Pepsi challenge, I know what I would choose!

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Review Date: 28th November, 2003