2003 Renault Laguna Dynamique 1.9DCI from UK and Ireland


Powerful, economical, sexy, high-tech machine


So far the car has been with us for 2 days and no faults have been noticed. We noticed that the drivers side dust cap was missing, but we got hold of one. Another let-down was the promise of a tyre pressure monitor by the dealer. He swore blindly it had it, yet when received it did not.

General Comments:

The Car is absolutely superb. It is a smooth, quiet involving ride. The interior in my opinion is stylish - thanks to the part leather seats and flip-up radio door. Equipment levels are extremely high and none of them I would consider to be gadgets. The air con is efficient and very versatile. I was also impressed with the on-board computer which accurately kept me up to date with important information such as MPG, Gallons left, Miles Done, Average Speed and distance till next service.

The looks of the car are superb, it is a really smart car and one that turns heads - I especially like the 17" alloy wheels.

The factory fitted radio really impressed me because for a bog-standard radio the sound quality was crisp and had a perfect mix of bass and treble. Facilities such as the tuner list are also other useful features.

This car can pull. It is a firm smooth ride and delivers lots of power across all of the rev range. The 6 speed box also allowed extra economy as well as more control over the engine.

So far the car has been superb and I am impressed!

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Review Date: 19th April, 2003

26th Apr 2003, 01:58

I wonder... if you'll still enjoy owning a Renault when you have some MILES on the clock.

That's when your shiny and seemingly well built car will start going wrong and will literally start falling to bits.

Your experience with a Renault will at some point lead you back to a dealership... to endure endless repairs.

We felt exactly the same way when we got our new Renault, but now it has 25k under it's belt it is...... one big pile of junk.