2004 Renault Master LWB 140 3.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


100% reliable, 800 miles from a full tank of 100 litres


Rear handbrake cable.

Clutch master cylinder.

Brake discs + calipers.

General Comments:

Great van to drive. The 3.0 engine is the best but rare. Over 30 MPG. Fuel computer fitted as standard. The six speed gearbox is very smooth.

This is my second Master van from new. This van fully laden pulls up hills in sixth gear no problem. The 3.0 engine is very rare as it was fitted to a Toyota Land Cruiser. Bullet proof and owned since new for 10 years. Very low mileage, 82000 miles.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2015

2nd Apr 2016, 20:34

Had a 3.0 Master. After 45k I had problems with water loss, the engine block become porous, a new engine was fitted under warranty, the second engine at 90k developed the same problem, another new engine was fitted, did another 20k, out of warranty so let it go. Apart from turbo pipes failing also, it was fine. No wonder Renault dropped the 3.0 inside 18 months.

29th Nov 2018, 21:49

You're perhaps very unlucky. I've had my 2004 Master from new and covered so far 266000 miles without issue. It still drives the same as the day I picked it up. Not a single fault light. Apart from tyres and servicing costs, it has asked for nothing. This may be tempting fate to point out, but if it drops down dead tomorrow, it will still be the best van I've ever owned. And I intend to keep it until it does.

2010 Renault Master MWB 2.5 from UK and Ireland


Good load space, but EVERYTHING else is substandard and debatable?


Hand brake failure/replacement.

Power steering failure.

Fractured brake discs.

Constant service lights on. Found out one of the causes was a poor quality hose, which should have been changed on a recall, but didn't get done.

Drive pulley bearing losing all its packing, requiring replacement.

Side door handle constantly coming off, and required a replacement fitting.

Contaminated head-light and rear door brake light with mould growth.

Side door re-alignment/lock adjustment.

Head-light bulbs constantly blowing.

Rear brake cylinder failure.

General Comments:

The only positive thing about this van is its size/low floor carrying capacity. THAT'S when it's going and not constantly costing me a fortune in time lost / bills for repairs in garages.

I advise everyone to steer clear of buying/owning such a van, as the dealership service whilst in warranty was abysmal. Local dealers sell the MWB van on their forecourt, without explaining prior to purchase that you will have to travel 30/40 miles away for work to be done on it, as they no longer have the facilities (high ramps). That's if they can do the job properly. I had 5 return trips before correctly fitting a side-loading door handle in place. They replacing fractured brake discs/pads and did not bleed them properly. I found out at a set of red traffic lights - pedal to the floor and nothing!

I have not done 3000-4000 miles without some dash warning light coming on etc and costing me a minimum of £50, if only to remove it even when nothing has been found. And I have now decided to get a black sticker to put on the display clocks over the service light.

Can't say I will be sorry when I can eventually afford to get rid of it. It's a pile of junk.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2015

24th Nov 2015, 17:54

Couldn't agree more. Door handles are just pathetic, pull off the van. Hand brake cables and rear caliper design can only be described as French. Head light bulbs last for a week and then blow, and yes I do keep my grubby mitts off them when replacing them. Believe it or not, I spent 245 pounds on head light bulbs alone for the van last year! Door open alarms would test the patience of Mother Teresa herself.

Good points? Doesn't rust like other vans; can't think of anything else.