2015 Renault Master LM 35 Business DCI 2.3L from UK and Ireland


Falling apart, comfortable to drive, pretty good MPG, engine seems good but we will see


The trim items are breaking left, right and centre.

Lights blowing a lot.

Most recent development is the bonnet has taken 6 hours of my time. Tried everything. An angle grinder is the only way I'll get that off now.

General Comments:

Nice to drive. Fuel efficiency is pretty good if you stay at 55/60 max. It's very comfortable to drive.

I suspect that the engine is going to be low maintenance. It's just the trim which is causing endless problems. Handbrake was seizing, side door mechanism failed, rear door mechanism failed, brake light went, both headlights, and the bonnet has been a constant problem and now I can't open that at all.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2019