27th Nov 2005, 04:16

2004 reg 2.5tdi LM120 29000 miles

Excessive SHORT range of central locking (will not work even from rear of van, problem since new.)

Dealer took 11 months, video evidence, and threats to return goods not fit, also threatening to contact watch dog consumer program before they took me seriously.

Previously told to get lost, and to stop wasting there time..

Then gearbox leaks, failed windscreen wiper washers.

26th May 2006, 14:42

2.8tdi 2001 72000 miles gear box fails, one week later speed sensor fails,3 weeks later central locking fails.

After paying out £2500 to put these faults right, the power steering pump fails, all I have to say ford transit.

31st May 2007, 18:23

Renault master 35td I have tried to contact renault regarding parts and it seem they are not sure which combustion chambers go with engines they make! and seem to charge the earth for both types! although I drive a renault 19 and haven't had any problems I'm dreading getting cheap parts or any help from renault in future.

8th Dec 2007, 09:35

New master 140 3.0ltr has a Nissan engine, will not start without a tow. dealer had it for a week, then it kept going into limp mode before giving up & refused to start. dealer had for 2 months, they passed it around other dealers, they then took it out for a test drive & smashed up all internal racking (photos to prove) & could not say who did it. got it back it ran for a week same fault, out of warranty tough, fix it yourself. can I part ex it for another, yea, but we will only give you peanuts. van has only covered 70,000 in 3 years (this is 1 year for me owner operator) Renault france rang me to ask if I was happy with service, I thought it a wind up, they never did get back to me or help me. if Renault could provide ANY after sales service they would sell a lot more vans. in 25 years I have owned & driven every van produced, would NEVER buy Renault again. own a Fiat Ducato 160 & Fiat Scudo now both seems brilliant, lets see what service is like.

23rd Jun 2008, 10:27

Renault Master dci 120. Cuts out when going uphill. Electric valve, fuel filter unit, and other things were changed without success. I read that I am not the only person having problems like this.

14th Oct 2008, 05:38

Renault Master Van, 04. Both bearings gone. The Gearbox packed it in after 70k. Totally gone. The garage don't want to know. Most useless van I have ever had.

10th Apr 2009, 05:00

Hello, I have a Master van which has just started to cut out going up hill and mainly at speed on the M1, even gradual slopes. It did it 6 times yesterday.

11th Sep 2009, 09:21

Renault Master, 03 2.5 dCi 120. 50,000 miles.

Just started cutting out whilst going uphill, all in similar circumstance i.e. long hills M62 Saddleworth - which is very forgiving in that you can cruise at 70 just feathering the pedal, then when asking for some gas, bang. Stop light and immobiliser light both on. I turned key 1 notch anti-clockwise, let foot off clutch and it just started again. Did this about 5 times over last week again, A1m near the Angel of the North. Couldn't understand what was happening...

... but for last 5 days I've been in the Highlands of Scotland, and over to Skye, Arran etc and no problems, van has eaten up the hills, only change is I've used my wife's keys!!! Is it a problem with immobiliser/key fob??? Or just a coincidence. Fingers crossed. It is worth noting that neither key actually opens the vans central locking as these broke a number of years ago. The vehicle has been well looked after with 1st set of front tyres at 46k, and only other problem was the power steering pump.

25th Nov 2009, 01:04

Renault Master. Great gearbox. Stay well clear, do not buy one of these vans.

7th Apr 2010, 17:50

I've got a Renault Master 140 Nissan engine. I've put a turbo on it and an EGR valve and now 1st gear is making a heck of a noise... BUT I've DONE 234000 MILES, yes that's 234000 miles oh yeah and 2 wheel bearings.. Shes a good un.. I've got a gearbox coming from Europe's cheapest biggest Renault dealer. 24/7 RenaultSpares for £600 instead of 2800 from Renault.. Shop about..

29th Apr 2010, 05:39

Have a Renault Master since 2004; 1 gearbox, 2 alternators, 3 wheel bearings, 3 clutches, 2 power steering pumps, and alternator pulleys and belts god knows how many times, not to mention over priced parts and lack of answers from dealers. Will not be buying one ever ever again. Have had it so long and I am afraid to lose money on it.

19th May 2010, 10:59

I have a Renault Master dCi 90. Ever since I bought it (second hand, 4 years old, ex British Gas, all racked out), it keeps missing. Changed three air flow meters, yesterday doing 10 miles an hour going up hill, foot flat on the floor. Dealers say after putting it on the computer, you need an air flow meter. Only had the van 14 months; the worst running van I've ever had. Had a Sherpa for ten years, never went wrong. Don't buy a Renault van. You have been warned.

8th Sep 2010, 10:47

51 plate Movano (Renault Master), owned for 7 years.

I had a wheel bearing replaced at 40k, would not come out of hub with 8 ton pressure, new hub. At 60k the engine ate itself. At 82k I replaced head after injector seals keep popping. It has had a very crunchy 2nd gear since 70k.

It is sat in a garage because it won't start, costing me money everyday in van hire.

Never buy one of these lumps of scrap.

Transit on the way.

27th Nov 2010, 18:38

Had 3 Transits in the past, and would never buy another one. Believe me, the grass is always greener.

Had a Master 2005 dCi 120 33 since 2006. Bought it with 4000 miles on clock. Problems have been, general wear and tear, clutch and slave cylinder at around 90,000 miles. Gear box is a bit graunchy now between 1st and 2nd when cold.

But over 30 mpg. Easy to work on. Low floor in load area. Very quiet and comfortable. Plenty of power. Very good genuine parts prices once you find the right dealer. Try 2 genuine rear discs and pads delivered for less than £150 inc. VAT.

Just think that all manufacturers have their problems; for me I accept the faults e.g. gearbox.

But also remember the crap that I had from Transits e.g. side door fell off, rear door hinges on high roof crack and doors fall off, oil cooler split putting oil into cooling system, power steering pumps leak, try getting rear drums off (9" disc cutter, dealer laughed when we asked how to do it, Answer? Smash them off with a sledgehammer!!). Crap lock on bonnet, bad mpg, do you want me to go on???

Believe me, I am an owner driver, so go easy on my vans, a Transit cannot even take easy.

13th Mar 2011, 13:46

I have a Master 2.2 DCI 2003 with 90000 miles. It cuts out while travelling at any speed, even on the flat. If I knock off the ignition and turn it back on again, the engine starts. It is becoming much more frequent, and on a recent 120 mile journey, it cut out at least 40 times. Renault say it could be the injectors, or maybe an injector pump, but will not say that replacing these parts will definitely cure the problem. We will probably have to wait for a fatal accident, caused by sudden engine stopping and subsequent loss of power, before the cause and remedy are sought.

I had a Citroen Relay for 4 years. I put 130000 miles on it, and never had a problem with it.