2007 Renault Megane Ambiente 1.6 petrol/ethanol from Sweden


Comfortable, but awful


Both front electric window motors have become wet. The passenger side one was cleaned and works again, but the driver's side one short-circuited and set itself on fire. Fortunately, the whole family was in the car at the time, including our 11-month-old daughter, so we could flag down a bus and borrow their extinguisher to put the fire out before it spread to the rest of the car. The door was replaced and the car cleaned.

Rear window brake light had to be replaced.

Baggage compartment (electric) switch doesn't always work. Can be opened from the inside with a screwdriver.

Cold starts are a problem.

Passenger door loudspeaker stopped working.

Driver's seat is coming loose from the floor.

General Comments:

Comfortable to sit in, and a good-looking car.

Bad performance. Poor fuel economy. Loads of body roll in curves, and too much sway on the straights.

Because it's a bifuel car, the service interval is 10,000 km (around every 6 months). This is expensive.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2016

19th Apr 2016, 21:21

Just curious why you bought it? There's plenty of information online, like this website for instance, that could have warned you about Renault's reliability problems.

2007 Renault Megane 1.6L from El Salvador


Safe car, reasonable price, small flaws


At 8000 km the engine started to make a horrible noise, like friction between two pieces of metal.

Sometimes at startup the engine is weak and the rpm's are variable, ending with a dead engine.

The clutch pedal had a weird noise, like if it's out of lubrication since day 1.

General Comments:

The main reason I bought this car is because of its safety features, the ABS brakes, the six air bags, the special seat belts, etc...

I like it's interior so isolated from the outside and comfortable too...

The card key is amazing...

I also like the roomy interiors and all its compartments including its big trunk.

It's nice to drive it fast, and manages well the curves...

It has a nice acceleration...

I miss an arm rest in the middle...

Love the design... its looks.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2007

16th Jan 2008, 08:25

We own a Renault hatch on petrol,1,6V, 5 doors and it is just great. We are a family of 3 (2 parents and a 15 son) and bought it for its look- we just love, love the back. It"s really strinking!Plenty of room inside, great smooth suspensions, very steady on curves and reliable. Almost no engine noise- if you r not careful, you will not know the engine is on.

We love it and wouldn't change it for anything else. It has character and poise and a strong personality. Since it' all new, made in may 2007 we had no problem so far and everything it's working on normally.

As a woman, I feel great when driving it. The boot is spacious enough (at least for what we need) and I never have a problem in finding it in the hypermarket park- it strikes out, no matter how many cars are around.

If I ever decide to change it I will g for a Renault New Laguna Sport Tourer, but I will never leave Renault.