22nd Jan 2005, 07:42

We got our 225 in December and have (touch wood) so far had no problems with it at all.

Going from a 1.4 16v Megane Dynamique (2003 new shape) to the 225 has been a totally mind blowing experience. The ride is so much more enjoyable.

The only thing I will say is that on average we get around 24mpg out of it, but then we do do a lot of small journeys and sitting in traffic. On the Motorway, we've had 35mpg out of it with the cruise control on (Edinburgh to Birmingham with still 1/4 tank left).

9th Feb 2005, 10:32

Anyone else having emission light problems? Took my 225 (2300 miles; 4 months old) into the shop today because the light was flashing non-stop from London to Bristol and back at the weekend, and the manual is a bit light on information about what it actually means. A couple of words of advice for Renault though:

1. Renault's advice is to slow the engine speed when the emission light comes on. This is not a very practical suggestion if it comes on on the motorway. And, in fact, the problem is worse in traffic, when the engine is already only just above idle.

2. Does the emission light actually denote anything important? If so, this should be made clear in the manual (I've just driven 300 miles with it flashing, under the assumption that it's something pretty trivial) ; if not, it should be more discrete (ever tried driving 300 miles with a bright orange light flashing in front of your eyes? Not much fun).

30th Apr 2005, 03:27

The emission light was flashing on my 225. Once the 18,000 mile service had been done it stopped coming on. Also, the mpg steadily decreased, again this has been improved as a result of the service.