29th Jun 2005, 02:57

Static Shocks. June 05 Megane Grand Scenic Dynamique 1.4 16v. Every time in the week we have had this car we get severe shocks. I can only presume that as for the driver at least, it is due to having no 'metal key' to obtain a discharge on exiting. As for passengers, there is no available metal trim to touch before leaving. Awaiting Renaults response.

24th Sep 2005, 14:36

I have a Megane 1.5Dci Dynamique, and I love it! The only issues I have had is that the exhaust was blowing very loudly after just 6000miles, but was fixed for free after negotiation about the parts under warranty. Also when it was serviced the dealer forgot to clip down something to do with the oil and filters, this led to the car billowing black smoke everywhere and caused the car to give only 15mpg, but was sorted in 2seconds. Apart from this I feel the megane is a very comfortable and distictive small car.

12th Nov 2005, 14:21

Modern paint is now water based for environmental reasons, hence it is softer and marks more easily. This is true of all cars, not just Renaults.

I get an electric shock when I get out of my Megane, but only if I'm wearing trainers. It doessn't bother me.

My biggest complaint is how difficult it is to change the front bulbs. Overall I am very happy with my Megane and will be buying another Renault when the time comes.

6th Dec 2005, 04:21

Very happy with my Megane Dynamique (1.5dCi 106 bhp) so far. Lively, comfy, smooth, 54 mpg average, well kitted out, reasonably well put together and it looks fantastic. I had a choice between this, and a few others including a Golf 1.9TDI and a Focus 1.6 TDCi and the Megane I felt was the only one with any kind of pizazz or flair to its design. It makes everything else in the class look like a dull, anonymous box.

Here's an interesting one as well - at 70 mph on the motorway it's quieter and better riding than my friend's 2005 Mercedes C270 CDi Avantgarde! Not for one minute suggesting the Merc isn't a far better car, but it does give you some idea just how refined the car is. The dCi engine is near silent up to about 90 mph in sixth.

20th Dec 2005, 19:21

Hello all.

I found a way to overcome the problem of getting a nasty static electrical shock as you get out of your car. The static builds up as your trousers rub against the seat of the car as your are getting out. Then as you touch the door to close it, it earths (discharges) through the car and so gives you that nasty shock. The way I prevent that is to hold on to the car door (or any metallic part of the car frame) as I get out of the car. This way, the charge being built up is also dissipated at the same time so you don't get a static discharge.