23rd Nov 2006, 12:23

Have a 05 1.4 Megane. Averages 40mpg. Can't complain.

7th Jul 2007, 16:52

Too right, these Meganes are great cars, but boy what a pity about the fuel returns regardless of the sales pitch, I personally cannot reach a deammed 41.5 MPH, my best at any time is 29.5 MPH. And another gripe has to be the road-holding, not as good as some would say. On some uneven surfaces the front wheels feel as if they want to go their own way, ie. not the way you point them.

26th Nov 2008, 11:33

Fuel consumption not too bad, but the window electrics are a nightmare. Have had to replace the whole mechanisms in both front doors this year, on separate occasions, having returned to the car to find the window down and not a hope in hell of getting it back up. Not covered under guarantee because it is a 4 yr old not a 3. Very expensive.

Renault, never again, I am turning Japanese.

24th Dec 2015, 10:04

OK, the 1.4 will drink more because it's punching above its weight, but don't just take the dealers word for it that everything is OK; get someone to check out the O2 sensor; it controls the fuel mixture via the computer. If it fails, it goes into open loop, i.e. it will drink the fuel. I have a Modus 1.6 auto, and town driving I get approx 30 MPG. I have not done a run with it yet, but I'm well pleased with the economy. I did fit an aftermarket air filter (cone type), and when I put my foot down it snorts, but I tend to drive just before it starts to snort, then I know I'm driving economically.

These cars do have their problems, and if you own one, YouTube is your best friend; just put your model in and see what comes back.

Hope it helps, and check out or change the O2 sensor!