15th Sep 2006, 16:05

Hi! Just reading your review sounds like you went through all the same motions as I did. I too bought from Motor Provider and found them to be great - I settled for the 1.6 though and kinda wish I'd gone for the diesel. Happy motoring!

22nd Sep 2006, 13:29

Good review thanks. I test drove a 54 reg CC yesterday and it had one touch up and down windows via the roof switch. You just press it again after the roof is up or down and all the windows go up.

Any idea what the fuel consumption is?


17th Jan 2007, 11:40

I think that the one-touch up function on the windows in any vehicle is an extremely minor "problem" or "issue" (if you could even call them that). I would suggest spending your time thinking about pyramids or the humor of snakeskin boots instead.

28th Mar 2007, 04:42

About the clicking noise you hear when you fully turn the steering wheel left or right, this is not normal it is a known manufacturing fault in almost all the Meganes and they provide the solution to it. You have to visit the nearest Renault service center, where this will exchange a bolt and a nut at the bottom of the steering column,torque it to 28 Newton meter and then apply a double tube silicon adhesive to eliminate friction.

I hope you find this information of some help to you.

5th Nov 2008, 10:38

The one touch feature of the Megane CC is a safety function. there have been a number of people hert by getting trapped in closing windows. Most cart makers now only fit the one touch feature to the windows on the opening operation. Also moden Megane's do not have the auto close feature that used to close the windows when the car was locked, this is for the same safety reasons. Unlike the Astra, the Megane does not have the feature which opens and closes the roof from the remote.