30th Jan 2017, 19:28

They might be different versions. Mine doesn't have ECO mode (perhaps yours is an Easy-R automated gearbox?). I agree with the rest of your comment, down to the questionable and uneven gaps in the plastic modules.

30th Jan 2017, 19:40

I am the original poster. It's been about 6 weeks since the original post, and the car has just double the kilometers, i.e. 2600.

I'm glad to say that there's almost nothing to report, neither good nor bad.

Of course, there's always some issue. Some very minor rattling has developed, I'm almost sure that it comes from the not-too-good-looking steering column cover. Setting a hand on top of it and pressing, the rattling diminishes. I'd say there's a loose bolt or something like that. As next service is at 10.000 km or 1 year, I'll likely take it for a warranty check soon, before I forget what it was like at 0 km.

There's also some even less noticeable rattling which I haven't been able to pinpoint.

I can't say fuel consumption is high or disappointing, as I haven't ever been able to achieve advertised consumption... that is, advertised by the factory or advertised by other users!! So, my 1.6 liter, 16 valve 5-speed manual Stepway will deliver 9 km per liter of regular gas in city driving. City driving here means just that. A stoplight every 5 or 6 blocks, 17 km/h average speed, stop-and-go, hard on brakes and heavy use of 3rd gear, which is of course far from efficient. The car will give about 13/14 km / liter on the highway, avg 120 km/h. All measurements have been done on very hot summer months, climate control on 95% of the time for an interior temperature of about 20 to 22 degrees Celsius, with an exterior temperature ranging from 28 to 36 Celsius. I think this info might be relevant, but don't know how much so.

I'll keep on posting any interesting happenings with the car. For the time being, I'm satisfied with it and am happy with the purchase. Of course, this is a very short period.

24th Jan 2019, 19:22

I am the original poster. 2 years later but with just 16.000 km on the clock, nothing worthy of note has happened. The warranty ended a month ago, services were performed as per the book, and the car is running as new. I found by accident that the car DOES have central window closing, but it isn't in the manual and you have to press twice the kwy button, the second time concurrent with a very slim button which I thought was just a division.

So, I can recommend the Stepway, as long as you take a good test drive before purchasing it.