1989 Renault Savanna 2.0 i from UK and Ireland


Good family car, but parts are expensive


Tail gate lights failed, common problem, same problem with first savanna. repaired myself.

Water pump, second one for this car £150:00. even at cheap mate workshop.

Alternator went spares are rare £140:00 for new one not including fitting.

Fuel tank straps, dealer only now £30;00 each. Easy to fit if tank not full.

Locks sticky same on old one living with it.

Fuel sender unit, deal price £95:00 plus VAT spare £20:00 or from French parts dealer (independent) £45:00 for new one.

Seals, same as old one £120:00.

The parts are expensive and normally only available from the dealer, There is even a nut and bolt that is only available from dealer and it cost £4:75 plus vat.

General Comments:

It's a good car, built for comfort and driving. Loads of space and you can seat the pain in the neck kids right at the back. IT really sad that Renault charge an arm and leg for parts. Even in the recent snow and freeze weather and never had a service it started after it's normal three attempts, sad part it's getting to expensive to keep on the road now over £200:00 a month in repair costs.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2003

27th Aug 2010, 13:10

I miss my Savanna, had to let it go as it was getting expensive to repair. Would have kept it otherwise. Got two wheelchairs, three kids, and four adults in no problem at all, and space for shopping! Really good on fuel also.

1992 Renault Savanna GTD 1.7 diesel from UK and Ireland


Spacious seven seater


The fuel tank straps corroded, parts can only be purchased through the dealer.

Front brake disc's worn unevenly so these had to be replaced along with the pads, quite expensive at £190.

Both rear brakes cylinders sprung leaks.

Head gasket blew, which was rather expensive to fix, as the head is an alloy it had to be sent of to be skimmed.

Electrics on the tail gate has problems, which is proving difficult to locate the fault.

The reverse gear selector cable snapped, although it is just a steel wire I had to buy the complete gear shaft, again available from the dealer only!

The headlight adjuster has jammed.

General Comments:

This car has very soft suspension and tends to "bounce" a little bit.

For a seven seater car it has a good sized boot.

Very reliable even though a lot of parts needed replacing. Previous owners neglected the vehicle!

Good on fuel, 140 miles on £10 of fuel.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2003

1994 Renault Savanna RT 1.7 petrol Injection from UK and Ireland


A roomy motor which performs well when working


48000mls Rear coil springs broke. (quite common)

63000mls Starter motor replaced which in turn had to be replaced not long after because of same fault (Wouldn't turn over, but after calling the AA three times, would start as soon as I got off the phone)

72000mls Cooling fan thermostat switch stopped working, causing the radiator to overheat then leak.

79000-84000mls Clutch cable replaced 3 times in 1 year (one only lasted 5 weeks)

84500mls Clutch replaced.

Wiring for heated rear window and other electrics breaking at the tailgate due to opening and closing too often.

Drivers door mirror adjuster broke off.

The bonnet release getting so stiff to open that it broke. This was due too bad routing of the cable. Now cured.

Heater didn't work properly after the radiator was replaced. This was due to airlock in the system which I blew out with hose pipe.

General Comments:

This car seemed a bargain when I bought it. Like a fool I took out a 3 year extended warranty for an extra £300. But things started to go downhill when the rear coil springs went, which were covered by the warranty, but would not be honoured because I did not get the vehicle serviced every 6000mls. I was not even into the extended warranty period, but they still invalidated it!

On the whole apart from the points listed above this has been a smooth runner and very comfortable on a long drive.

The reason I bought the car was for the space in the back (camping). I does tend to sag in the rear when packed to the gunnel's.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2002