1986 Renault Savanna 2.0 non-turbo from UK and Ireland


A good, fairly reliable, workhorse


Gearbox slips out of first gear. It was replaced with a secondhand one which is now doing the same thing.

Clutch failed, but only after about 100000 miles.

Windscreen wiper linkage broke on a wet stormy night.

Front suspension bushes failed at about 120000 miles.

Front anti-roll bar bushes fail all the time.

Headlamp height adjusters have stopped working. They are hydraulic with no means of topping-up.

Cable harness to the tailgate breaks with the repeated movement.

Drive shafts lasted well, but were replaced at about 100000 miles.

A small spring broke in the ignition switch - a tiny thing, but it killed the starter motor.

General Comments:

We chose this car because the large number of seats suited our large family.

Its performance is more than adequate, and it scores well for comfort.

The power steering is very well designed, with adequate feel of the road.

I have been very impressed with the longevity of the engine, and the fact that the engine management system cannot be caught out.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2002

1993 Renault Savanna GTS 1.7 petrol from UK and Ireland


Cheap 7 seater


Replacement gearbox at 80,000.

2 rear brake cylinders at 80,000.

Brake shoes, brake pads, track rod end CV boot at 81,000.

General Comments:

Starting to rust around the doors and sills - trim along the sills has a habit of falling off. It's now been screwed in place.

It was running OK until recently - now that I've had to spend £700 on it in the last month it doesn't feel as good. Maybe that's because I just don't like spending money! Don't buy from a dealer because you'll lose money hand over fist. They make a good buy if you've a large family and can't afford one of those Espace things.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2000

1989 Renault Savanna GTD 2.1 diesel from UK and Ireland


Recently back shocks, but the dealer didn't want to know, problem solved by third party mechanic.

Ball joints etc but it has done over 169,000 with only minor work and regular servicing.

General Comments:

Very comfortable, fast for its size, huge family space and pulls our caravan with ease. Last summers trip was 5 weeks over 4,000 miles (most with the caravan) without a cough or splutter.

Super car, the best I have ever had.

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Review Date: 7th March, 1999

1990 Renault Savanna GTS 1.7 petrol from UK and Ireland


Clutch pedal 26,000,

Remote locking problems from 26,000-failed at 120,000,

Exhaust-mid at 52 and 106,000, rear at 78,000, front at 60,000,

Wiper arms 58,000-linkage at 103,000, Distributor caps at 26, 61 and 108,000,

Track rod ends at 88 and 103,000, Lower ball joints at 114,000,

Anti roll bar bushes at 76,000, Steering head bearings at 115,000, Strut bearings at 115,000,

Front wheel bearings at 76,000, Tailgate wires resoldered at 69, 84 and 88,000 miles,

Screen wash pump at 65,000,

Major leaks at 61 and 90,000 miles traced to poor body seal and courtesy light contact grommet,

Oil leakfrom 42,000 (1lt between services),

Screen replaced 4 times(2 due to stress cracks).

General Comments:

The car has never left us stranded, all problems were found before they caused breakdown. The car is wonderful for long continental trips, a great load carrier and yet performs well on hilly and windy Welsh roads. Major accident damage at 75,000 resulted in rebuilt front end.

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Review Date: 30th November, 1997