2003 Renault Scenic Fidji from UK and Ireland


Does even the best design have to have an Achilles heel?


For the third time in a mere 41000 miles, this car has failed the annual MoT test due to pitted rear brake discs, which on each occasion have to be replaced at considerable cost. A friend who owns the same model has similar experiences, so Renault must be guilty of a basic design fault.

The car is unsuited to those Advanced Drivers who never use heavy braking, because they read the road ahead well and adjust speeds without the need for much braking.

Furthermore, I seldom carry rear seat passengers or heavy boot loads, for which the car appears to be specifically intended.

General Comments:

An otherwise brilliantly designed car is damned by this single fault.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2009

2003 Renault Scenic Expression 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


Practical, good looking


Tailgate button popped out. Easy fix as long as you still have the button.

Rear shock absorber snapped, but replacement was quick, cheap and easy.

Intermittent starting problem, fixed by spraying WD40 on the crankshaft position sensor.

General Comments:

Economy and performance adequate for its size and engine. Engine seems very flexible in that you can accelerate to high revs in each gear, or be lazy with gears and select high gears at low revs.

Front seats need arm rests.

Handles quite well, but the ride can get choppy.

Engine noisy when driven hard.

Some rattles and squeaks.

Car driven quite hard for 10,000 miles and is very reliable.

Very thin floor covering (not going as far as to call it carpet) hard to clean.

I think these are quite good looking vehicles, when compared to the odd Picasso, or boxy Zafira. A good bet as long as you don't need 7 seats.

My wife finds the height of the passenger seat off putting.

I find it feels somehow to narrow.

Cruises on motorways quietly and comfortably.

I was put off these by the problems reported with diesels, sunroofs and automatic gearboxes. So I bought a manual, petrol with no sunroof and have not regretted it.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2009

2003 Renault Scenic from UK and Ireland


Truly dreadful


Current problems:

Dephaser needs replacing.

Heating and fan worked only intermittently and now completely broken.

Handbrake first did not come on, then came on while driving!

Windows won't close (intermittent problem).

General Comments:

This car is seriously unreliable; it is by far the worst I have ever owned. I believe it to be thoroughly unsafe, and would never buy one again, nor recommend that anyone else should either. I should have listened to friends and family's warnings about Renault's reliability record.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2008

2003 Renault Scenic Authentique 1.6 16v from Sweden


Nice concept, but shocking quality!


Squealing brakes (changed twice)

The dreaded ignition coil problem started to occur at 50000 km, i.e. the car runs on 3 cylinders and has the sound and performance of a Russian tractor. All 4 coils had eventually to be changed.

The radio goes on and off randomly in particular on bumpy roads. New radio and wiring had to be installed.

After two months the windscreen washer clogged up by gunk left by the factory (as stated by the authorized Renault mechanic)

Started the get generally swampy and handling deteriorated after 50000 km.

The central locking system unlocks the car at will. Very annoying to find the car unlocked although you are POSITIVE it was locked when you left it!

Interior is rattling and trim is falling off.

Steering joints had to be changed at 45000 km (I was not abusing the car!)

Dashboard goes out and then comes back without notice. Very scary to loose all meters!

General Comments:

The interior is roomy and pleasant, kids love the view through the big windows.

Fairly economical with good fuel mileage.

Myriads of smaller and bigger problems. At any time, we always had a couple of nagging issues to fix with the car. Not cheap in the long run and VERY annoying to have car in the garage regurarly. In addition the dealer and garage has been very unhelpful and not willing to take responisbility for the problems

We got rid of the car after 3 years and bought a VW Touran. There is absolutely no comparison - will never go back to Renault!

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Review Date: 24th October, 2006