29th Apr 2007, 05:15

Thanks for the advice - yes I will get an oil change before that - I'll get the brakkes checked too - they seem to get a lot of work. I think the reason they went to 9k servicing is to keep in line with the Euro 4 emmissions stuff. The new FAP engines need this in order to comply. (I think)

7th Jul 2007, 01:24

As an owner of a 2006 Scenic, but the Petrol 2.0 Manual (Australia Version) I can relate to the problems listed here. The light at the centre console will be on EVERY TIME the slide door is shut. Don't ask me why? You can leave it open and turn it off manually (switch on the back). But as soon as you close it will be on again. It turns itself off when you leave the vehicle and remove the key card from the car. I only have a battery problem which was replaced under warranty (3 years here or 100K km). Right now one of the key cards are not working.. the dealer wants me to book the car in for 2 hours... a pain if it it is a 10 minutes programming job.

22nd Aug 2007, 06:34

I had air-con problems in my Scenic just like you describe. Eventually it died completely. Turned out to be a burned fan control resistor.

6th Feb 2008, 19:17

Original poster back. Thought I'd give an update. I've had the car for a little over a year now and done 22k miles. The list of faults has grown- some niggly others more serious as follows:

Message light came on "check injection". Took it to the dealer and they replaced a heater plug.

Engine made grinding noise on tickover - returned to dealer who replaced dual mass flywheel and clutch.

They failed to reset radio code - I then realised I had not been given this when I bought the car - they gave me the code over the phone which put it right.

Brakes still squeal.

Aircon only comes on when outside temp is > 7c. I have taken the car in for this several times and they insist it is not a fault. My car is a Maltese import and they think the spec is different.

Windscreen wiper linkage came adfift-As far as I was concerned it just stopped working. The dealer went straight out with a spanner and fixed it - obviously a frequent fault and he tried to suggest it was my fault as I must have tried to operate the wiper when it was frozen onto the windscreen.

The car still has loads of rattlea and vibrations,

Despite all this it is still pleasant to drive and be in, but I will NEVER buy another Renault. I do not trust the car and worry about what will be the next thing to fail.

The service from Renault is patchy in its quality, though they do try to sort the problems out. I have been back so many times I feel stupid. If you use these forums to help you decide what to buy my advice is avoid this car like the plague- you will regret it and without a warranty it could bankrupt you - seriously.

15th Mar 2008, 16:53

I think a lot depends on the quality of your dealer. Our local Renault dealer is a small outfit by main dealer standards, but you always see/speak to the same people whenever you go there, and they genuinely seem to take an interest in what they are doing. Our Scenic comes out after a service feeling great, and the two minor faults we've asked them to look at under warranty have also been fixed first time with no hassle, and have stayed fixed to this day.

Apart from the odd trim rattle (if this kind of thing bothers you, don't buy a French car), our 2004 Grand Scenic 1.9dCi is an absolute pleasure to own and drive. Reliable, well kitted out, beautifully designed and thought out, and with one of the world's smoothest four cylinder diesel engines.

18th Aug 2009, 16:33

I have just bought a 2005 Renault Scenic. The injector warning light is on and on tickover it's running lumpy like it's missing it revs out OK, and seems smooth at speed. It's a 1.9 dci. Can anyone help??

6th Sep 2009, 07:51

Sounds like you are now running on 3 cylinders - if you've lost an injector, that is what would happen along with difficult starting, erratic tickover, lack of power and generally poor performance. It won't be cheap, but you'll need to go to a Renault dealer to get it sorted. Could be other things too, but injector failure is quite likely.