2006 Renault Scenic Dynamique 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Surprisingly better than I thought


Almost nothing - front grille fell off whilst I was driving and I ran over it.

General Comments:

Bought for £800 on a whim. Featured many, many electrical gadgets which I read AFTER I bought it were prone to expensive failure. However mine was fine. Handbrake and auto lights etc all functioned well, got us on holiday doing @ 1000 miles in a week. Unfortunately, as in the case of the Picasso that preceded it, the Scenic was bumped in a shop car park. The same shop car park in fact!! I got £1100 off the other driver's insurers and kept the car for a while, but as the mileage approached 100k the dephaser was rattling and the grille fell off so I scrapped it, meaning I got just under a year and 10k miles out of an £800 car that with the insurance payout and the scrap value returned me £1250!!

I used that to buy another - big, big mistake - that one has all the maladies that these things tend to suffer.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2020

5th May 2020, 12:02

Interesting review. These always get a bad rep for reliability, yet everyone I know with a Renault from this time period says they are not that bad. Family member had a Renault Traffic from around the same time period (2007) that lasted to over 200,000 miles before any major issues. Reliable van.

2006 Renault Scenic Dynamique 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Only had the car for 2 weeks, and it seems OK so far.

General Comments:

There is a really annoying rattle/vibration from the trailing edge of the drivers door at speed - cannot figure this out yet.

Took it on a 400 mile round trip for work the day after I got it - pleased with it on a long journey. Much more comfortable than my previous 2004 Zafira diesel (which I loved). Performance is about the same as the Zafira diesel, as is oddly enough, the fuel usage.

We have a 51 plate old shape Megane 1600, that has been so good that we decided to stick with Renault to replace the Zaffy. The only thing that concerns me really is all the electronics and the electromechanical hand brake - but we shall see.

The brakes are really good, but there seems to be a longer pedal travel than I am used to - but if I pump them without the engine on (no servo), they go solid in no time with very little travel - is this characteristic?

All in all, I am impressed so far, and it is as practical as the Zafira, but without the extra 2 seats (we never used them anyway).

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Review Date: 6th April, 2010

7th Apr 2010, 03:49

I've had a Scenic 2 since 2004.

The electro mechanical hand brake has been OK so far.

The brake issue is characteristic of the car.

A word of advice, the crankshaft pulley needs regular surveillance during maintenance service.

Same with the flywheel sensor; that needs to be cleaned periodically.

8th Apr 2010, 10:36

Thank you for your comments.

I guess the crankshaft pulley is very difficult to get to, what needs checking? Is it something that would be done during a timing belt change? My car has done 36000 miles, so the belt will be changed when it is 5 years old (in a years time) irrespective of mileage. (It will not have done the recommended 72000).

I have heard about the fly wheel sensor, is that easy to clean?

2006 Renault Scenic Dynamique 1.9 Dci from UK and Ireland


Practical comfortable car, let down by niggly faults and an unsympathetic dealer


Squeaky brakes (dealer fitted new pads - no different)

Loose seal around rear passenger door (dealer fixed this)

Intermittent aircon fault

ECU fault (dealer replaced this)

Noisy wiper blade (dealer replaced - still noisy)

Loose trim by drivers footwell (to be fixed next trip to dealers)

Rear tailgate lock jams open occasionally

Irritating rattles around dash and doors

Key occasionally decides not to work (opening battery cover, then fiddling with it and closing it up again cures this)

Glove box light doesn't go out (can sort this myself)

Awful musty smell through vents - (dealer will do nothing - says it's not a warranty item)

General Comments:

Bought this car in December, new from our local Renault dealer. The car was a dealer import from Malta, but (fortunately) I have the full 3 year warranty.

Although registered in 2006, it is the older 120bhp 1.9dci instead of the new FAP 130 engine. I don't mind this as it only needs servicing at 18k intervals instead of 9k, which would have been a real pain. The drawback of getting a car at £5k below uk list price is I had no choice of colour. The metallic dark blue I have is okay, but would not have been my choice. It shows the dirt too easily.

Our previous car was a VW Touran, which was a company lease car. When it went back and we had to buy a car we tried several - Zafira, Ford Cmax, Touran again, but the Scenic felt lighter more refined and more spacious than the others. It was also much nicer to drive. The Touran had let us down several times and the old 1.9TDi engine was really noisy and smoky - (owners will know what I mean). So we setteled on the Scenic.

The niggly faults above I hope will go into the cars history as teething troubles, but I suspect I will have more trouble to come looking at other posts.

The car itself is really a joy to drive most of the time. On smooth roads it is incredibly quiet with little evidence you're in an oil burner (unlike the Touran). On poor surfaced B roads it's a bit choppy, but at least it doesn't have that wallowy ride you get on many French cars.

Driving position is good, the very futuristic dash is easy to read (once you are used to it) and the controls all fall to hand nicely.

The stereo controls on the steering wheel work well, though the sound quality is rather poor. Also, it would be nice if you could turn it on and off at the wheel controls, instead of just at the stereo.

Fuel economy is pretty good - I get around 44mpg average, and getting better as the car gets more run in. The VW used to give 49mpg, but had less poke.

Space is good inside the cabin, with useful cubbys under the seats and floor. I particularly like the floor lighting that comes on when the ignition is turned off or doors open.

The key card can be a nuisance. Easy to sit on, which is probably why mine has failed a couple of times. It's not serious, I think it's a problem with the battery contacts because it always works when fiddled with.

Aircon has been an issue on my Scenic. Most of the time it works fine, but about 1 in 3 times it doesn't come on. Restarting the car will usually correct it, but I have noticed this problem as the weather gets warmer. The dealer regassed it in case it was a lack of coolant (poss a leak) but so far I can't see any difference. They did the whole diagnostic thing, and of course it worked for them! I also get that musty smell for a couple of minutes after startup, but the dealer insists this is normal (yeah maybe on a 7 year old car!) and all I can do is use one of those cleaner bomb things.

Brakes are ridiculously powerful, and you need to develop a technique to use them properly. They have something called brake assist, which appears to add the entire potential braking power to the car if you do anything but the lightest touch. I have no idea how much extra wear this causes to the pads, but will no doubt find out in the future.

The electric handbrake is a nice feature - so far it works well, but electric gadgets do worry me - especially on this car.

Overall, I do like this car a lot, and if I can get all the niggles sorted, and providing I don't then get any serious problems I will be happy and able to recommend this car. Whether I'd buy another - I don't know. I'm uninspired by the dealer service - makes me feel I'm being to fussy, but hey this is a new car.

A more likely situation is I'd keep the car to within a month or two of the warranty expiring, then hope there is something better available. For the moment it does the job well.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2007

27th Apr 2007, 23:52

Ignore the 18,000 mile service intervals, or at least get the engine oil changed midway through the period. You need to ask yourself why the newer engines have 9k service intervals instead of 18k.

18,000 miles is way too long on a diesel engine. The manufacturers are only interested in the car making it through the warranty period. After that, it's not their problem.

Agree with most of your comments on the car. We're well pleased with our 2004 Grand Scenic 1.9dCi, and seem to have been a bit luckier on the fault tally than you.