8th Apr 2010, 23:24

With regards to the crankshaft pulley, it needs checking during the maintenance service. I gather it's designed a little different from other makes, because it has a rubber insert that sometimes slips.

The flywheel sensor is cleaned by the Renault franchisee during service in Malaysia, however I believe it can be done quite easily on your own. I don't remember exactly, but if you look up some Renault/Renault Scenic sites, they explain the procedure.

It's generally a good car, but needs it regular services and maintenance.

9th Apr 2010, 05:54

I had the RAC fit a new coil (under warranty), and the RAC chap said he would clean the sensor, located at the top of the bell housing, while he was there.

He took out an aerosol can of water and squirted a jet of water at it.

I think it gets a coating of iron dust from the clutch, which interferes with its own magnetic field.

26th Jul 2010, 10:15

Original poster here:

I have got rid of that annoying vibration from the driver's door! It was driving me mad. On the outside of the door in the handle recess is a flat black plastic cap - I think it is to do with the keyless entry system (which mine does not have - I have to press the button on the key card to unlock the car). Well this was loose. I eased it out and put a blob of glue behind it. Bliss!

9th Aug 2012, 09:22

Original poster here.

Well 2 years on, and oh how I cannot wait to be shot of this car. The problems have mainly been with the air conditioner. It has been in & out of the garage about 6 times when it fails. Eventually the other day they fitted a compressor for which Renault had agreed to pay 80% of the cost, which is £1283. Next day it literally exploded!!! One of the pipes blew off the new compressor. This is dangerous as it runs at over 4000 PSI. It plastered the contents of the air conditioner all over the engine and a large part of Sussex.

Other problems are more easy to live with. Clutch judder, erratic rain sensing wipers, constant but random clonks & bangs from the steering & suspension and the body, brake squeal, headlight bulbs blowing every 3 months, etc etc etc.

If you are considering one of these, do not DO NOT buy it. You will regret it. Everything that other people have mentioned will happen on your car eventually. Please be warned.

26th Oct 2012, 03:45

Original poster here:

Ding dong, the Scenic's gone!!! I traded it in for something else for my wife; NOT A RENAULT - NEVER!!! And have taken a Ford C Max as a company car (older shape). It seemed strange at first, driving without the clonks from the steering and suspension, and all the body rattles, and I am getting used to not having clutch judder...

At least I did the deal with a garage, and they gave me a reasonable price. I just hope the unfortunate next owner manages to deal with the most expensive faults while it is under the warranty offered by the garage. I would never have sold it privately and slept at night.

1st Jun 2017, 22:08

I had a 52 reg Zafira diesel DTI - did 38 MPG over at 75k miles. Changed to a Chevrolet Tacuma 2.0L petrol - oddly enough same MPG??? I was of the opinion that the Zafira was a poor performer on consumption.