18th Feb 2003, 01:57

Here I go YET again... this is one hateful car, we have gone from a great car one year ago to one HUGE pile of junk.

It has now been for it's second coil (that's two to date) and it's is still not right.

There's trim loose... light fittings hanging out, rubber trim loose, headlight trim fallen behind the lamp, rubber trim on roof stick's up, I cannot describe how S+++ this car is, every day there is a new fault, oh and first gear is stiff to engage, I just force it in gear now - no finesse involved you understand!!!

I do not care about the dam thing, if I open the curtains and some kind person had stolen the thing I would not be bothered. NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST.

16th Apr 2003, 10:11

Please publish your address... I'll be round for it in the morning... ;o)

Oh, btw, I've had two Scenics now, and I can say that I have some sympathy for your plight. Neither of my cars have been perfect, but neither have ever left me stranded. I put up with small faults, I think that in a car of this price it would be unreasonable to expect Audi-like build quality. Also, it's worth remembering that just because ONE car is not so good, it doesn't mean they're ALL bad! However, it would seem that Renault are in agreement with you on a lot of the points, and it looks like the all-new Scenic, due in the summer, will be VERY different!!

18th Apr 2003, 12:09

I don't expect Audi build for the price, but any amount of money one would only assume quality build....... my assumption that Renault build quality cars, has fallen very short of my expectations.

But what I do expect is something that's not plagued with fault after fault.

I know in this age nothing built to last, that's one thing for certain, but my Scenic has had MANY issue's regarding quality... on item's which should last the life of the car and not cause grief.

Even so we really like the Scenic, it's a safe car, and has many features - not standard on most cars.

I just feel that the quality lets it down badly, and the dealers are not so hot too... it's this very reason we'll look beyond Renault for a seven seater next time.

28th Apr 2003, 10:27

I'm told that the Ford Galaxy is one of the better 7-seaters at the moment, or maybe the Volvo XC90, although I thought that the standard V70 D5 was a nicer drive, and can be ordered with extra seats in the boot. After that, the biggest people mover is apparantly the Chrysler Voyager, so might be worth a look! Good luck.

1st May 2003, 03:36

Thanks... the Ford Galaxy and the Volvo XC90 are both good cars.

In the case of MPV's the Toyota Previa is on top of our wish list, a large usable interior... and it's a Toyota "VERY" UNLIKELY TO GO WRONG! we like the Toyota for many reasons, but the main one's are... twin sliding doors great idea when you have children especially in those tight "penny pinching" council run car parks - they are always a couple of centimeters less.

A decent size 2.4 engine too that is available as an automatic... but no diesel auto, unlike the Ford Galaxy.

We had contemplated the Kia Sedona, but have recently read some bad reviews, the Honda Stream is also rather good.

3rd Jun 2003, 07:12

Well, reading this has put me off the Scenic for good! While I feel every sympathy for your plight (having returned my new MINI to the garage at least 5 times for various reasons, including twice on the back of a lorry), I hope you can see the funny side of this entry as your comments start off good and then get progressively worse!

Thanks for sharing your experience and I'll probably see you at a Honda or Toyota garage...

9th Jun 2003, 07:30

I've being having 'discussions' with Renault about our RX4, bought in January 2003. Aside from the usual faults; rattles, poorly fitted carpets, etc. the car, which has only done 3,500 miles, steers massively to the left and the outer edge of the front passenger tyre is extremely worn.

However, I've been told this is normal! Something to do with the car being designed for driving on the right side of the road with the camber of the road being opposite to that in the UK! Indeed the tyre wear is caused by me turning the wheels!

Has anyone else been equally gob-smacked by a similar explanation?

28th Jun 2003, 15:10

Your right it does get progressively worse, and to a point... it is rather funny, and to be honest you either laugh or cry... probably the latter.

My wife is taking the dam thing back YET again... NOW that's a first, to get the "doors" open warning light fixed... you see it flashes along to the radio, even though the doors are shut, with child locks applied.

It might be "just" a light, but hey this is full of nice surprises, but in consideration to our children who are in the car 99% of the time, it should not be overlooked.

She will get first hand experience of what Renault dealers are really like!!

But like i've said it is a piece of JUNK.

Regards Andy.

13th Sep 2003, 12:17

Well guys... this what you are reading is my last addition, well at least to Renault, my Scenic is finally going the journey.. will I miss it?

It has been a good car... "good" in respect of it's practicality, space, and versatility, BUT... in terms of durability, and reliability for ourselves this has where our Scenic has fallen flat on it's face.

Renault dealers are also complete pants.

What next?... a PT Cruiser, maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but WE LOVE them, our very own piece of America.

Good luck.

25th Mar 2004, 12:44

I have a Renault Scenic 1.6 bought in November 2000. When looking for a new car at the time, the Renault was bottom of my list - until I tested it and was converted. I have been very happy and loved this car: I take good care of it service it on time and generally treat it well- I have even persuaded a few friends to buy one, but I'm not sure I'll do that again...

While out on a trip last Sunday cruising at 120 Km/h the 5th gear suddenly disengaged - without help from my husband who was driving at the time. He put the car back in gear - but this happened intermittently throughout the trip. During our return trip we lost 5th gear altogether. Upon reaching home a rattle had started and so we had the car towed in to the dealership we bought it from - and where we have had all repairs and services carried out.

Yesterday I was told that they had approached their warranty department to request that they bear part of the repair cost (the car is out of warranty so I found this strange). The request was refused and they told me what the problem was and the cost to repair (huge).

It seems that a piece of the gear selection fork (?) in the gearbox broke off and fell into the 5th gear. The car has only done 94000km and is just out of warranty so this is quite unexpected.

I have a 20 year old Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0 that has well over 200000km on the clock - driven hard - and we have had no problems with it's gears - or much else!

Has anyone else had the same experience with their Scenic?

2nd Jun 2005, 01:33

I have a 2.3L Ford galaxy and a 1.6i 16v Renault Scenic. The Scenic is quicker that the 2.3L Galaxy.

21st Mar 2006, 15:30

Hello. I have owned a Scenic 1.6 Sport Alize (1999) which I bought 2nd hand from a dealer. In terms of practicality the car was excellent - loads of room for family and our sailing gear. Also one of the most comfortable cars I have driven - although I know some people don't like the "bus driver" upright seating position, no problem for me I used to drive lorries for a living. We drove to southern France in 2005 (15 hours each way) and all my limbs still worked afterwards! The reliability was excellent - only had one sensor failure, fixed very quickly (although Renault dealers were expensive). Only real expense I had was getting the cambelt changed - dealer wanted £460, got it done at an independent garage for approx £260. I can also vouch for the safety aspect - the car was written off when a French driver crashed heavily into the back of me whilst I was stationary in a queue on a dual carriageway. He was in a large 4 wheel drive, and just didn't brake. Kids were in the back, the crumple zones did exactly what they should and there were absolutely no injuries. Although heavily damaged, was able to drive it home. I have since bought another Scenic (2.0 litre for towing) which is a bit quicker. Love the car.

27th Apr 2008, 14:45

Have just purchased a second hand scenic, having converted from Ford, and apart from first gear needing the occasional nudge to engage, have found the car a delight in terms of ride and space and the kids love it.