2001 Renault Scenic Dynamique+ 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Great package let down by unreliable gearbox


Driver Seat Lumbar Support replaced within one week of getting car.

"Proactive" Automatic gearbox slipping out of gear at 900 miles. Gearbox replaced under warranty.

Replacement gearbox failed at 2500 miles, currently at dealer for another replacement gearbox.

General Comments:

Excellent car, let down by unreliable auto gearbox.

Dealer unsympathetic. Renault UK not much help either.

I intend to get rid of the car as soon as I can.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2002

3rd Aug 2005, 09:06

My gearbox failed at 70,000 km and only less than 5 yrs old. Never heard of such situation before. I will not buy a Renault anymore. I like its safety and features, but the gearbox is horrendously expensive to replace. Mine is a Renault Scenic 1.6 automatic, year 2000.

24th Feb 2007, 04:06

Dear anyone.

If you want some sound advice NEVER EVER buy a Renault, or any other French car. OK for a year or so, after this you will find a host of faults manifest themselves. You will end up paying many hundreds of pounds in repairs over a five year period (excluding servicing).

I bought a new scenic Dti in '98. The fuel pump cam belt pulley disintegrated at 66K Renault stuck two fingers up and refused any help, fuel pump mounting bracket bolt thread stripped causing fatigue and pressure on engine mountings. The upshot was that the whole engine sank causing the exposed top gear to eat into the cylinder head. NEW HEAD. Gearbox jumps out of 5th, 4th doesn't exist. Wipers squeak. There have been many other problems like cold start (wiring fault), rear shock snapped, roll bar bushes knocking, etc.

If you want reliable motoring get rid of ANY Renault scenic and by a Toyota Corolla Verso, Mazda, VW Touran, or a decent Vauxhall Zafira, even a Kia Carens, but forget Renault as they are RUBBISH. Just don't buy French.


2001 Renault Scenic Alize 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Quick and comfortable people mover


Absolutly nothing at all has gone wrong with it, although we have only owned the car since December.

We did once own a Renault Clio when they first came out, it was my wife's car, and that too was perfectly reliable, although it did go rusty, but that was because she did not wash it!!

Our scenic though does have some little niggles;

It could be somewhat quieter on the motorway, it gets a little tiring.

The rear seat realise mechanism`s are rather flimsy.

The interior windows steam up very easily.

The wipers do not have one touch (one wipe).

The boot could be a little bigger in depth, without compromising rear leg room, Renault Scenic Grand? They did it with the Espace.

The steering column does not have a reach facility.

General Comments:

It is no wonder that you see so many Scenic`s on the road, it is because it is such a great car to own.

Here is a list of what we think makes the Scenic such a great car to own;

Great 16 valve engine pulls well in all gears - certainly no slouch, and still manages to return good m.p.g, 48 to the gallon best.

Fantastic interior space, rear leg is especially good, we also like the under-seat/floor storage.

Very comfortable and supportive seats, we especally like the up right driving position.

On cold and frosty mornings the air conditioning heats up extremly quickly.

Great ride quality, which does not compromise the handling or body roll.

Clutch and gears are light and easy to use especially in traffic.

The interior is light and airy, which is helped by the dash/seat colors, unlike other m.p.v`s which are dull and boring!

Great sounding HI-FI, especially in CD form, (fantastic bass!!)

Owing to the cars height, it makes light work on your back, especially when lifting the children in and out.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2002

16th Jan 2003, 17:52

Update 1 year on... overall still happy with our Scenic, though we have experienced more than a few faults.

These problems I certainly did not expect from a car of this age, and with only 19k on the clock, further more it is these faults which will ultimately lead me to look beyond Renault for our next M.P.V, possible Toyota, Kia or Ford for a bigger people carrier.

Renault do build good looking cars, but seemingly don't put much thought into longivity, if Renault invested a lot more money towards better quality components.

I firmly believe it is this which would have given us a trouble free year.



Exterior trim

Rubber window seals

Air conditioning

Seals around headlamps

Rear wash motor.

Paint work chips VERY easly.