2001 Renault Scenic Dynamique 1.9Dti from UK and Ireland


EXCELLENT! Even though I don't like the French!



General Comments:

I have owned many cars, including a SAAB, a LandRover 90 2.5 petrol, two Range Rovers, one a 2.8 Isusu Diesel and the other a 3.5 Petrol V8 but for comfort, economy and reliability nothing comes anywhere near my Scenic!

I have towed a 10 feet trailer with a boat on top to Tarragona and got about 40 MPG. I would recomend this car to anyone (The Diesel, I know nothing about a petrol version).

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Review Date: 28th August, 2004

13th Jun 2005, 10:05

I used to think the same about my Scenic 19 dci until I hit 50K. The turbo blew up due to the oil seal giving way which in turn caused the diesel pump to give up the ghost. Great car, but sell before the mileage starts to get to high.

2001 Renault Scenic Dynamique 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Excellent standard specs. but a disappointment over three years


Within days of delivery, the arm-rest hinged between the front seats, gave way when leaned on. The manufacturers 'tightened' it, but it continued to give way. I have mentioned it at every service, but the consensus from the Service dept. is,

"Arm rests are not really for leaning on". I now keep it permanently up.

After 15,000 miles, the ignition/electrics failed causing engine to sound and move like a tractor at 10 mph. This was easily mended by fitting a new coil at cost of about £250 - and then it happened again at a later date.

At 20,000 miles, occasional scraping sounds from undercarriage worried me, but as no warning light appeared on dash board - I ignored it until convenient to drop in at Renault Service later in the month. It turned out to be very dangerously worn break shoes - (I wasn't even allowed to drive away) and Renault Service explained that the warning light only shows up (in the case of break shoes) in one corner - mine were in the other.

Key handle/fob comes away from metal "key stick". On the first occasion this happened I thought I had lost it, hunted everywhere, only to find it still firmly lodged in the ignition! I stuck it back with super glue but it came away again later.

Tailgate needs very firm 'wham' to shut tight - so anyone helping to unload has to be warned of this (or you might drive away with hatch dangerously loose and waste the interior lighting/battery).

General Comments:

Fuel - a bare 30 mpg. but the tank allows for 400 miles of driving. Computerized mileage/fuel indicator very helpful.

Steering wheel radio/cassette controls are great.

Disappointed by the poor acceleration when needing to overtake on country roads. (Same engine power as the Golf, but heavier chassis makes it sluggish).

Love the high driver's position. Seats are comfy - Very roomy too as a rear passenger - great capacity when rear seats are removed.

Rear window opener hardly used.

Climate Control efficient and essential - but noisy.

Helpful bleeper to remind you if lights are on after engine is turned off - but it doesn't recognize fog-lamps (hence my dead battery after a day's parking with fog-lamps on).

Hooter - (operated from either side of steering hub) - VERY stiff - and by the time you get it to hoot - the moment has passed and your wrist aches!

This is a light and airy car, well designed (for the most part)for internal comfort, with plenty of ingenious storage nooks. It is easy to handle and would probably be better as a family or school-run car than as a one or two person vehicle - as it has been for me - chosen for its van-like quality and storage space.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2004

8th Aug 2004, 15:21

I too have a 2001 Renault Scenic 1.6L. I'm having problems too leaking coolant bottle, loss of engine power have to rev it past 4,000 rpm to get it going. It has 110 HP it should be quicker as it only weights 1250 KG.

4th Jan 2005, 03:19

I too have just had the Ignition coils replaced costing £40 per coil costing me £200 Pounds in total, but it seems to have sorted out the loss of power problems.

4th Jan 2005, 03:25

The ones that my mechanic put on the car they were modified ones.

15th Mar 2006, 10:12

Well it seems that no matter where you live - Renault service stinks!

Here in South Africa we also have the problem with coils, but my bugbear is the fact that once the ambient temperature reaches 34 deg C the fuel pump packs up. This has happened to me on 3 occasions on the road between Cape Town and Namibia. On one occasion I was left stranded for 5 hours with the temperature reaching 44 deg C!

After the 3rd time I eventually managed to convince them it was the fuel pump. A week later (today) and another coil problem!

Last time I buy French!