4th Feb 2004, 02:39

Renault obviously has a major problem with ignition coils. What's unfortunate is they haven't the guts to admit it (or have they?). My 2000 Scenic has had all 4 coils replaced - Renault refunded 50% of my costs after I complained. Yesterday I collected my car after a service and heard no less than 3 customers asking why the ignition coils on their cars were failing so often. They were told that it was because of moisture and that they should make sure their engines never get wet and never to attempt to wash their engine. What absolute nonsense!

17th May 2004, 10:25

My scenic is 3 years old. it has just cost me £240 to get it through the first mot as the rear brakes had seized. I have also had all 4 coils replaced, costing me time away from work.

Currently, I have a problem with the electrics. when I put the handbrake on, all the dashboard information disapears and the fuel light comes on! I have booked it in to an auto electrician as my local Renault dealer has no idea what the problem is.

6th Aug 2004, 03:11

Scenic 2000 1.6 running with three cylinders, replaced a coil. Driven 66.000 kilometers. The garage said that it is NOT a typical problem. I wonder? p.s. The car is in Finland.

19th Oct 2004, 05:02

I bought my Renault scenic in 2001. The first coil went in 2003 and was replaced free of charge, but I had to pay for labour. Subsequently three more coils have gone, but I have had to pay both cost and labour for each one. I cannot understand why Renault did not recall all vehicles or replace all coils during service.

23rd Aug 2005, 16:00

I have a 2003 Renault Scenic 1.4 Authentique, which has now covered 18,000 miles. I am sorry to report the car has popped 3 coils already. As they are so simple to fit I now carry one as a spare, a pair of gloves and the right size spanner. A new ignition fault has now developed however which has similar symptoms to the coil failure, but is intermittent which says to me that a coil has not failed. If anyone else has seen such behaviour I’d be grateful if the cause of the fault is known. You may wonder why I haven’t asked for dealer help. This is because I have developed such a deep distrust in Renault dealers, supported by the many alarming comments reported here.

19th Sep 2005, 07:48

I've just started to experience problems with the 'spark plugs' at the moment it won't get above 40 mph, I've booked it into a garage for the coils to be checked and replaced.

Apart from that it's a sturdy medium sized car.

2nd Nov 2005, 15:49

I have a 3 year 3 month old Scenic 1.8 Monaco. All four coils were replaced at the roadside after about 18 months. One of the replacements failed on the 100 mile drive home and was replaced by the AA the same evening. Another coil has failed tonight. That's a total of 10 since new! Also had problems with brakes seizing which meant the 72k service including head gasket was just over £1,000.

3rd Apr 2007, 12:40

Got a Fidji 03 1.4 16v scenic two coils replaced 3 weeks after buying it 05/05/06 and two coils went today 03/04/07. If anyone knows of better parts, leave the makes on the website.

17th May 2007, 11:41

I have a car that is just over 3 years old. (late 2003 build, bought in Jan 2004)

The second ignition coil failed on my Renault Megane Sport Tourer today. When I asked if this is going to happen AGAIN, the Renault dealer swore that this is a very uncommon occurrence. I am going to be charged £106.00 to replace the single coil.

In light of the comments on this car survey, I am going to have a few words with them when I go to pick up my car tomorrow.

It is a real shame that Renault has not resolved this problem as, otherwise, the car is very nice and roomy.

10th Oct 2007, 14:23

I have a Renault Scenic bought new in 2000 in which I have now done 89,000 miles.

It is a good car, and I have had no problem with it except for the failure of coils and this I have had in plenty.

Over the years I have had four coils replaced -the first two very early on.

I have today returned from a 2700 mile drive in France and Italy and a coil went again, thankfully, only 10 miles from home.

19th Nov 2007, 17:13

Very interesting comments.

I am now on my 4th Scenic. Number 1 had electrical problems. After 6months the rear window wiper would not switch off, then the drivers window would not go up.

Number 2 had to have 5 coils replaced at different times.

Number 3 - same problem with coils.

Number 4. The car is 2 years old and has had 2 coils replaced already.

As well as these electrical faults, the first 3 cars all had squeaky or squealing brakes, even when the brakes were not applied. After attention at garage, the noise disappeared for a few hundred miles but always returned. The garage technician said that the noise was due to the materials used in the manufacture of the brake pads. All cars are were supplied through the Motability scheme.

Incidentally a friend had 2 coils replaced by the RAC in September 2007 in his Motability Scenic.

Even with these annoying recurring faults, the car is ideal for me.

26th Mar 2008, 16:32

Replaced coils last year on 2001 1600 Scenic. Used Beru make as Renault make are crap.

Also, if you start the engine and only run it for a few seconds, eg to move the car forward so a neighbour can park behind you, then start your car the next day in my case, the engine ran for 5 seconds then suddenly lost compression; head gasket failed.

This also happened on my first 1.4 W reg Scenic. The evening before I started the engine to move forward; took 30 seconds, switched off, started the engine the following morning, take kids to school, ran for 5 seconds, engine stopped, lost compression on all cylinders, cambelt OK, head gasket failure. It took 3 days to it strip down, change the gasket, and assemble everything back again. I did change the cambelt and pulleys; ran OK.

6 months later I traded in for the 2001 Scenic 1600 Dynamique + the same thing happened 7 months later. So another strip down etc.

Apart from that, and brake discs and pads, it is a lovely car to drive. My kids like it, and parts are reasonable from my local Motor Factors. Never pay rip off prices from main dealers unless it is a part you can't obtain anywhere else.

David Douglas.

9th Nov 2008, 03:26

I have a 2001 Scenic 1.6 expression auto. It has only just hit 40,000 miles. A coil went about a year ago, second coil about six months ago and now another one has just gone. On replacing this one we noticed the well was full of water, I see from research on the web that this is quite common and we are in the process of finding out the cause of this.

I also had to have a reconditioned gear box at around 30,000 miles! Which cost me around £1500!! Before having the box changed it was doing about 39 mpg, but now it seems to be gradually dropping currently 28.1 can anyone explain this?

I have also had numerous calipers sticking!!

Also had to have a new heater!

When it is going without any problems it is the ideal car for me, but unfortunately these are few and far between!

When you spend a lot of money on a car for repairs I keep thinking, I need to use it to get my money's worth, but it keeps costing me more!!