10th Oct 2010, 15:10

I have a 2005 Renault Scenic with 49,000 miles on the clock. To date we have replaced brake discs and fluid, purchased four new tyres and replaced one ignition coil. Tonight it seems that we are about to replace another coil. Will probably get them to replace all the original coils and save myself a few journeys to the garage in the next few months! Apart from the problems we have had, the car has been very well suited to our needs.

26th Feb 2011, 07:38

I purchased a New Renault Scenic 1.6 Expression + in 2003. Now on 47,000 miles, an excellent car in all respects, apart from:

1) I'm on my sixth coil pack now, £35 each, which I change myself. Where can I get a reliable one?

2) 2006, intermittent starting problems, which was definitely a loose connection on the starter motor solenoid. What a job that was to tighten, problem solved.

3) 2010, same problem as above, turn ignition, absolutely nothing, checked the solenoid nut still tight, put a voltmeter across the terminal, no 12 volts when my wife turned the ignition key. Pushed started and now it hasn't failed for three weeks, but I've purchased an ignition relay in case. What else?

4) Seat belts are now worn and won't retract at speed for MOT test. Where can I get new belts from cheaper than a dealer?

9th Aug 2012, 09:05

We have a 2001 Megane 1.6 petrol. It has the same engine as the Scenic. It has had more coils fitted than I remember.

You might be told to replace them in pairs. Rubbish. Buy 1 from your local motorist parts shop for about £25. DO NOT GO TO RENAULT FOR THEM; THEY CHARGE LIKE A WOUNDED RHINO, AND THEY ARE NOT AS GOOD. Then substitute them until you have got to the faulty one. You will know when you have swapped the bad one, because the engine will run OK again. Forget what all the electronic wizardry tries to tell you, it is all nonsense, and even Renault do not understand it.

11th Jan 2013, 06:04

Changing only one coil pack on ANY car fitted with them is bad advice. The remaining ones will invariably fail one by one at an accelerated rate. Many garages refuse to change them singly, or will ask you to sign a disclaimer.

I have had coils fail at around 30-60k on two Passats, a Merc SLK and a 911; note, all German. It's a common if annoying problem.

Also, washing a modern engine, moisture anywhere near the electronics is bad news.

The correct coils for the Renault can be replaced at an indie repairer for circa £100. I did mine for £30 a set off Fleabay. Maybe Renault ones are worse quality than some others; not bothered, it's a minor issue.