25th Dec 2004, 11:07

I dunno if it can beat a Saxo VTS cause I ain't raced one it's just the figures I read.

18th Feb 2005, 07:55

Remind me never to buy a car off of you...

11th Jun 2007, 05:16

I wonder why you have a Scenic. I hope you don't have children in the car when you " kill off 2.0 Focus's"

Does your other half know about your antics?

At least when you see a Saxo/106/corsa etc with bolt on plastic, you know what to expect from the driver.

Unfortunately it now looks as if we need to look out for MPVs cutting each other up, risking the lives of others, generally making a nuisance, and at the same time raising our insurance premiums.

11th Jun 2007, 13:28

I am the Original Reviewer. No, I am 21 years old and decided to be a bit different, so I don't need too worry about kids, and and it is still going strong.

1st Aug 2007, 21:01

You should be ashamed. My neighbour was killed by somebody like you, who liked to race and "kill off" other cars. Trouble is it's always the innocent who are the victims. There are track days for people who want to thrash their cars. Use them and keep the public roads safe.

I resent the fact that my insurance premiums are affected by people like you. I hope that you are caught and banned from driving before your idiotic juvenile behaviour wastes innocent peoples lives.

I would invite you to discuss your driving style with the widow of my neighbour, and then you might understand why I've posted this - but I doubt you'd even care.

5th Dec 2007, 07:44

I have a Scenic with the 130 bhp 1.9 dCi engine and I don't race it. It carts the family around in safety and toy-laden comfort which is exactly what we bought it to do. It's an excellent car.

To be honest, I find the idea of it being used as an enthusiasts car absolutely implausible. I found myself on a favourite stretch of road in mine once without the wife and kids on board, and decided to press on a bit just to see how she handled. Quite frankly, even with 130 bhp it was more than enough. Too much lean, a scary absence of any form of steering feel, plenty of "safety" understeer and no suspension composure whatsoever when pressed. It was like a fish out of water.

Frankly, this wouldn't be a drivers car even with 300 bhp!

Whatever Renault claim about 0-60 times, and bhp, there is nothing for an enthusiast driver here. It's just not that sort of car. But it is excellent as the family car it was designed to be.

If you truly bought one as a 21 year old singleton "just to be different", you are robbing yourself, however fast you think it goes. Go and buy yourself a hot hatch or a proper sports car, and have some proper fun. I'm nearly twice your age and that's what I'm doing the second we don't need all this space any more.

9th Jan 2008, 20:48

I am the person whose neighbour was killed. Okay I was a bit harsh, especially as I don't know you and did not have sufficient information to make that character judgement. Also I too was 21 (albeit a long time ago) and although I did not race cars around at the time I was a bit quick on my motorbike! It's just that where I live, a rural area, there are so many (often fatal) accidents, usually preventable. There are a number of people around where I live who seem to have little regard for the consequences of dangerous driving or are maybe just overconfident. I apologise for categorising you with this type as your post makes it clear that you do have an awareness of safety issues. Despite all that I'm amazed that you find the scenic satisfying to drive fast. My other car is a Nissan Almera (Mk1) which actually is fun to drive and handles really well etc. The scenic is far more comfortable and did a 2000 mile round trip through France this year - fantastic on motorways and we arrived feeling fresh. But take it on the twisty roads and it's a bit of a handful. A 2litre Clio would I think be a lot more fun if that's what you want. Either way have fun, but take care!