1st Mar 2005, 08:23

We Just came back from Portugal and we rented this car. It was given to us with 15 kilometers on it. This car gave us no problems and was just wonderful. It was spacy enough for several suitcases and bags. This car has many new features that are not yet seen in America. The car provided a wonderful ride and was quite comfortable no matter how long you were seated for. The key to the car was so different to what I am accustomed to. I think that this feature makes the car a lot safer in terms of people stealing cars. The car is all electronic and although it gave us no problem in the 10 days that we rented it. It's possible that It could lead some people to have electrical problems. I would recomend this car to anybody who was in Europe. It's just a shame that they don't sell the car in the us.

12th Mar 2005, 23:20

Renault finally sent an engineer to assess the noise in the automatic gearbox, finally agreed there is a noise on change over from second to third gear. Unable to suggest what the noise is, but said it is safe to drive.

Dealers engineer suggested I drive it in the manual mode as there is no noise.

Why did I buy an automatic.

H Brazier

25th Apr 2005, 13:40

I have had the same problem with inconsistent braking performance on my 2004 Grand Scenic (see my carsurvey.org review). I chose not to take it to the dealer - they can do more harm than good if they don't know what they're doing - and at 11,000 miles it seems better, if not quite as it should be. Definitely worse with cold brakes. I suspect all those electronic systems - ABS, EBA, EBD - sometimes trip over themselves. Only a problem when braking gently at low speeds. High speed and emergency braking is faultless.

20th May 2005, 14:39

I too have the same problem with gearbox (auto) jerky at times, but I also have low mpg around 30mpg whitch I think is low not very good for a car this size.

1st Jul 2005, 23:29

The noisy automatic gearbox on my first report finally got worse and Renault insisted nothing was wrong even after the senior sales man had a test drive and confirmed my issues.

July 1st I canceled my agreement with Renault and finely parted with the scenic after ten months, wonderful car to drive, but Renault have problems and will not admit it.

Harold Brazier

6th Mar 2008, 08:09

I bought my 54 scenic auto 4 weeks ago. The day after I bought it I reported a fault with the gearbox, screeching brakes and heater malfunction. Car taken in next day and returned with 'no problem' with gearbox, brakes 'fixed' and no problem with heater. Next day I reported the same 3 faults. Test drive with chief mechanic and agreed fault on gearbox. Booked in for 2 weeks later for agreed gearbox work. March 3rd-car returned to me with new gearbox. Still has same problem. Brakes and heater that were fixed... guess what, same problems!!! Phoned dealer to be told that the gearbox and brake problems are both characteristic of this make and model!!! And as for the heater, well it's set up for the Euro market where it's left hand drive so changing things around for the UK market is the problem!!!

Guess what? CAR FOR SALE!!! Look out for it on AutoTrader. Oh, and there's nothing wrong with it at all-according to the dealer. I haven't named names as this would probably not be published if I did. Which is a shame.

2nd May 2008, 15:11

Renault Scenic Dynamic 1.6 Auto 2004 54 Reg.

I have a problem with a very loud noise coming from the gearbox on start up, this noise goes off within three to four seconds of running the engine, iam being told it could be the torque converter? the gearbox? or some high pressure valves? or ALL THREE knowing renault! Either-way, Renault are talking £1500 to put it right. Four months out of manufacturers warranty! Only 16000 miles on the clock! Not a good sign,

And looking at other reports, a more than common fault!I can honestly say I have bought my last Renault.

5th Jan 2009, 14:39

Bought 06 Scenic auto 1.6 petrol two years ago (third Scenic). Renault garage phoned today out of the blue to make appointment to change torque converter, although no problems reported by me. All three Scenics good, despite ignition coil failures on first two. Excellent service at garage.

9th Feb 2009, 13:11

I've got 1.6 Scenic auto. Nothing has really worked on this car. I am afraid to go long distances. The gear box is rottenly noisy, and the auto light keeps on coming on and off, stuck in the same gears at times. I think Renault have to recall all the Scenic models beacause of these problems.

5th Mar 2009, 09:36

Hi I have a 54 plate Scenic 1.5 DCi Expression. In the last 6 months I have taken it to a local dealer 3 times because the windows have dropped down into the door. The first was fixed for free, but the second and third have cost £300 each to fix. Renault say that if the car is 4 yrs or younger they will fix it for free. But if this problem happens after this, it is not a common fault but to be expected from a car of that age. HOW RIDICULOUS, a really stupid policy.

6th Mar 2009, 06:18

The design of these things is very poor in my opinion. The glass fits into a support which is made of plastic. Now that wouldn't be a problem if the plastic were durable but it's cheap and flimsy. What eventually happens is it snaps, the cables detach and glass heads south into the door.

Of course the support which probably costs pence to manufacture is not available separately, meaning that the whole lot (cables, regulator, motor) have to be replaced and that's where your bill for £300 comes from.

I believe the parts are now available separately on e-bay but haven't confirmed this and I don't know what the quality is like.

9th Mar 2009, 19:03

I recently got a 05 Grand Scenic 1.5 Dynamique.

After 3 days I was deafened by the noise coming from the brakes. They took it in and had to replace all 4 brakes and discs.

Then after 3 weeks the dash flashed up "check turbo". This time I took it to the dealer where they determined that the turbo had totally gone. The car garage I brought it to replaced the car with a 55 Grand Scenic 2.0ltr petrol. Guess what!! After 4 days the brakes were noisy on this one too, they told me it was because I don't drive it enough???

Then the back window went down and wouldn't go back up, so it went in AGAIN and they fixed the motor and everything else to do with it (I was in the 4 years so didn't pay).

Days after getting the car back, I was happily plodding along when the dash flashed up "check ABS braking". It is now about to go in and have that looked at. Luckily I'm under a warranty although it is costing me £55 every time I take it in for diagnostics, so as you can imagine I'm a lot out of pocket for a car I've not even had 6 months yet. I can honestly say I will never buy one of these cars again.

30th May 2009, 16:48

Just wondering whether anybody has had any problems with brake failure with the new 1.5dci Scenic? My sister in law and her husband today had an accident in their 57 plate Scenic because of brake failure - whilst pressing the brake the car accelerated instead and they ended up hitting another car at about 80 mph, then hitting a kerb before taking off into the air and landing in some trees. Apart from a fracture and a gash they (including their 1 year old daughter) were OK, but I was wondering whether this was a common problem with the Scenics or not?