2009 Renault Thalia Symbol Luxe 1.6 from Colombia


Excellent car for a low price


The space of the rear seat is uncomfortable; people over 1.8 m in height were not very comfortable.

General Comments:

The Renault K4M is a good motor with very good performance.

Good gas mileage 55 KM/gallon, 40 KM/gallon on city roads.

Air conditioning with automatic climate control is very good for a car of this price.

Good height above the floor.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2011

2003 Renault Thalia 1.5 dCi Expression 1.5 diesel from Serbia


For a given price range, probably the best small family sedan offered in this market


On several occasions, in cold weather (frost), trunk lock stuck after opening the lid, but it unlocks when you press it from inside.

General Comments:

This is a sedan version of a Clio, equipped with 1.5 liter 65 hp diesel engine, assembled in Turkey. Featuring a large (510 liters) trunk it is a small family sedan targeted for the Central and Eastern European markets.

Generally, I am very satisfied with the car. It was designed to carry up to 5 people and a lot of luggage a the same time and it performs this duty very well. However, there is not so much space for passengers in the back, but this could not have been expected from a vehicle derived out of such a small car as Clio.

The engine is powerful enough for urban driving and provides a pleasant drive on motorways, but its not designed for aggressive overtaking. On the other hand, fuel economy is excellent. On highway it may consume as little as 4,3 liters per 100 km (with air-conditioning turned on!), while in the cold weather and heavy-duty urban cycle it never consumes more than 7,2 liters per 100 km.

Brakes are very good.

Warranty period is two years, which is more than some competitors offer in this market.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2004

19th Apr 2004, 23:31

Hello from Zagreb, Croatia.I have Renault Thalia since 2001year.I am very satisfied with everything. Engine is petrol

1400 cc with 75 hp.

Everything is true what said Serbia 1.5dci...

Very good car model for 10000$.Nobody can give better choose.

2001 Renault Thalia RT 1.4 16v from Hungary


Excellent budget family car, if you are willing to make sacrifices on reliability


Trunk lock got stuck several times, due to improper plastic molding. Dealer could not fix it on several attempts, even with replacing a new lock. A little carving of plastic finally helped.

Rubber covering around the windshield installed incorrectly, it became loose in one of the corners, no leaking though, just looks ugly.

One of the keys' immobilizer chip got broken, had to request another key, that took ages to arrive. Dealer was totally incompetent, when programming the new key into the immobilizer system.

Alarm system locked my family out of the car for 2 hours in a shopping mall parking lot. Had to call Renault Assistance. I ordered a Renault alarm system, when bought the car, and during this incident it turned out, that it was one installed by the dealer.

Behaves a bit unstable on the motorway in light bends over speeds of 130 km/h. Feels like it wants to spin around its rear, especially on wet roads (changing tires doesn't help). This might be due to the large trunk, that shifted the car's balance to the rear.

Very poor warranty period of 1 year.

General Comments:

Basically this model is a Clio with a 510 liter (!) trunk. It was designed in Turkey (where most of the Clio's are assembled), especially for the Central and Eastern European markets.

The engine is very powerful, easily moves the car on the motorway, even with 4 persons, and a full trunk.

The (cherry red metallic) shine is hard, no sign of peeling at all.

Apart from the bonnet, the most of the front is made of plastic, which is a plus when parking and it's also rust-proof.

10 years Renault Assistance (owner needs to register servicing data every year).

Very good price/performance. Keeps its value on the second-hand car market.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2003

16th Apr 2004, 00:01

Hello from Zagreb, Croatia.I have a Renault Thalia. I am very satisfied. Engine is very good (1400 cc with 75ph consumption 9 liter petrol in city and 6,5 liter on way).Renault is first on Croatian market. I choose Thalia because need a family car with lot of place and big bagger room. For that money (10000$) we can't buy better car with famous brand (Renault)