8th Jan 2007, 05:54

Hello from Croatia

I have Thalia 1.4,75 HP, 2001 year with 50.000 km with pretty bad experience:

-flat sensitive steering wheel with hydraulic servo only is very dangerous on high motorway speed plus generally unstable; for Croatian average drivers extremely expensive spare parts and labor; bad engine construction -while replacing valve belt you must replace watter pump also;radiator is leaking -combination of plastic and metal used; very thirsty engine-minimum 10 liters in town with no traffic jams.

As the used car has no practically any value in Croatia. Only light in tunnel is huge boot-excellent for summer holiday.

No more french cars, especially Renault in my house.

24th Feb 2010, 14:34

Hi there, I have a Renault Thalia 1.4, 16V. It was a cheap car to buy, so I'm not expecting any miracles; the car moves and that`s OK for me.

1st Jul 2014, 00:56

I agree with you, and I'm speaking from Colombia. Bought a 2002 Symbol with low mileage, and whenever I'm over 60 kph, it feels unstable and it bounces around a lot.

This car had a lot of cooling issues. The water tank had to be changed twice in less than 10k km. The fan socket tries to unplug. The engine temperature sensor failed as well.

Directional lights, braking lights, and the minimum RPM doesn't perform very well when idle.

I don't want another Renault again, plus there's a lot of noise inside the car, everything rattles, and I'm actually nervous of driving it.

I wouldn't recommend this car to anyone.

24th Aug 2015, 13:56

I have had a 1.2 16v 2006, and the first thing I notice was how quiet it was inside, no rattles or squeaks. The 75hp engine is a lot faster and more tractable than I ever thought it would be with good economy, too. Fun when you rev it in the higher gears. Very unsettled on rough roads, though.

26th Apr 2017, 21:35

Get 4 wheel tracking done on it. Mine was terrible before I had it done. Now it's a lot better on rough roads, a lot more stable.