2002 Renault Twingo Privilege 1.2 16v from Denmark


Ignition coil fail at 60.000 km.

Spark plugs were changed together with the ignition coil.

Timing belt was changed as a part of the deal when I bought it at 54.000km (just in case).

General Comments:

Normally I only drive Citro├źn and I have not driven anything else in the last 10 years.

Due to job change, I had to have a smaller and more economical car.

I has always liked the Twingo and I have rented them many times during holidays in Gran Canaria.

Since I could not find a small suitable Citroen, the choice fell on a 2001 Twingo 1.2 16v imported from France.

My Twingo has the 75 HP engine and front seats from the R Clio.

I ride 123 km on highways every day. Yes it is not as comfy and silent as my XM, but it is fast and nippy in heavy traffic, and the mileage of a liter of gasoline, is very good.

Then driven gently, it runs 17km pr. liter and driven hard, you only get 14km pr. liter.

The build quality is very good and being used to French cars, I would even say high!

The body is galvanized with a 12 year warranty, and being 7 years old, there is no sign of rust yet.

One can with ease find room for 4 adults and a little luggage.

If you have had a Twingo Series 1 between your hands for a while, you would very well understand why it has become a cult car. It grows on you!

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Review Date: 16th November, 2009

26th Nov 2010, 15:25

A update on my Twingo.

It has now driven 100.802 km, and is still doing fine with minimum costs. At 97.000 km, I had to change the original, fitted from factory, front discs, pads and shoes in the rear brake drums. The drums themselves were fine, so could be reused, so with a lifespan of 97.000 km, I think they have done the job fine. To keep costs down, I did the job myself, and it was very easy. Beside that, I bought a set of new summer and winter tires.

I commute a long distance every day. The driving position is not the best, and it is a little noisy at highway speed.

But again, the car is built as a city car for local run abouts, and not as a commuters car, even if is can do the job. We have a Fiat Punto (type 188), and it does the job much better, as it is more quiet and bigger.

But the Twingo has charm, and I haven't regretted buying it.

2002 Renault Twingo Intime 1.2 16v from France


A nippy car at a small price!


There has been nothing wrong with this car as yet. But this may be because it is still new.

General Comments:

When I first looked at this car I wasn't very keen on its looks. But then when you take a lokk inside life changes for the better. If you get the top of the range model it is a very luxurious car that Renault has produced.

This car is fantastic when it comes to driving in busy towns. You can park it anywhere and not have to be worried that you won't find a parking space.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2003

2002 Renault Twingo 1.2 from Colombia


It's the best city car in the world


Absolutely nothing has gone wrong with the car until now.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable and roomy for the size it is. People can't believe it's so spacious until they get to ride in it.

It is very fun to drive, can be parked anywhere easily.

It is very economical and runs 500 kilometers with one tank of fuel, and that is with the air conditioning working.

Very good value for the money because it comes equipped with air conditioning, power locks and windows, radio with CD player and driver's airbag.

It is the best seller, in the city car category in our country.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2002