30th Apr 2011, 09:24

Great car, great review.

3rd Sep 2012, 17:09

Update on my Twingo.

It has now driven 142.000 km, and I have changed a few things since the last update. Last summer, the windshield wiper motor broke because of rust on the wiper arm shaft. This spring, I have changed brake pads on the front brake disks, together with the ABS ring on the left hand drive shaft, which was broken, so ABS system was activated every time you activated the brakes at low speed.

For a longer period of time, I have been driving in our Punto, but I am now back behind the wheel in the Twingo again. Oh boy it is noisy, and the driving position is not very good compared with the Punto. BUT! The Twingo has been a cheap and reliable travel companion (which cannot be said for the Punto), and if I had to change a car tomorrow, the Twingo would stay in the family and the Punto would be leaving!

26th Mar 2013, 15:56

Time for another update on my Twingo.

It now has 162.000 km on the clock and still drives without major problems.

Since my last update, the following was changed:

Mirror glass because the heating was broke.

Front wheel bearings.

Rear wheel bearings (are going to be changed after Easter, when I received the parts that I have ordered home via the Internet).

The link rods are worn and must be replaced.

It has been in a garage to get the timing belt changed. I could smell the smell of burnt oil in the cabin and I asked them to change the valve cover gasket also, as this was leaking down on the exhaust manifold. At the same time the Twingo got an aircon service as well.

Things that I could not prepare at home in my garage.

I'm still very happy with my little Twingo, and it is still the most reliable car I've had. For example it still has the original exhaust from the factory!

25th Mar 2014, 16:52

Update, 192.000 km.

I have paid the final fee to the bank on my Twingo, so she is finally "mine".

With 192.000 km on the "tailgate" my little Twingo obviously got some patina, but she looked far from worn out. Since the selling price is next to nothing, I have decided to keep her as she is still running perfectly.

Now that I have decided to keep her, I have replaced the following:

- All four shock absorbers

- Trackballs

- Suspension joints

- Front disc brakes and pads

- Another front wheel bearing, since one of them had was faulty

- Spark plugs and coil (I thought that the coil was faulty, but it turned out to be a broken wire to the TDC sensor)

For the first time, she let me down last summer when she one morning would not start. Normally I fix her myself, but this time I had to send her to an authorized Renault dealer. The workshop suspected that the injection computer was faulty, but it turned out that a wire was broken. The wire was connected and she ran again.

Despite a poor driving position, noisy on the motorway, I love my little Twingo. She is the most reliable and the cheapest car I have ever owned!!!

This summer when the new Twingo will be released for sale, I will take a test drive, but if I buy one right now is another matter!

6th Feb 2015, 16:41

Well it is time for a last update regarding my little Twingo.

At 217.000 km, I sold my little gem. The engine still purred like a kitten and there was no visible rust on the bodywork, and the interior was neat, but various small bugs started show up now. The heater fan was noisy and more seriously, the clutch bearing was beginning to rumble.

Since the resale value is close to 0, it was better to sell it and buy another car. My little Twingo has absolutely been the best car I've had. I hope that my "new" car, a Renault Clio III 1.5 dCi from 2008 will be as faithful a companion as my Twingo was.

All in all, I have two words if you are looking at a 1 series Twingo = buy one!