6th Apr 2004, 10:18

If your so rich, why not buy a Classic muscle car.!967 Shelby Mustangs are very nice cars and are worth a lot of money.

26th May 2004, 21:29

Hey ya, if you are really quite wealthy, my wife, two boys and myself would like to hope that you are generous as well. Just 30,000.00 CAD. By the way, I heard Rolls-Royce is making a super-car. Dunno if it is true, but could you imagine...

17th Dec 2005, 01:07

I paid $25K for my SC II thinking I would be able to sell it for $30K. It didn't happen, but I can tell you that driving a Rolls Royce is way cool, riding in the back seat is even better. In fact, riding in the back seat is so cool, you'll dream about it! I remember opening the garage door and looking at the back end of the Silver Cloud. Wow, what a car!


17th Dec 2005, 08:29

Sometimes people with wealth own vehicles that one might not expect. I could honestly see an individual maintaining and keeping very basic transportation in great condition. I have been on quite a few estates in Delaware where it is not uncommon to see Rolls Royces, but more likely new Mercedes, very unusual antique cars and yet there would be a Ford Ranchero Station Wagon or other very common vehicles all within the same garage. Sometimes a non descript vehicle on a day out is better that being inside a fishbowl. I saw a beautiful new Rolls once being brought out to an Delaware estate from a dealership that had mink carpet! But here in Delaware we have been known to drive with very low digit Delaware Black and white tags some bringing nearly $200,000 just to have registered on the back of our vehicles! My impression was that the reviewer meaunt he could basically pay cash for any vehicle he wanted if he owned a Granada that's probable too.

6th Jun 2006, 14:55

Is saying that you are "rich" kinda like when someone feels the need to tell everyone they are a Christian? By the way, I'm a stud.

11th Jul 2007, 02:37

Great review on the 56 Rolls Royce. It was in line with many of the other reviews I have read online. A very prestigious car, super quiet, incredible ride.

I'm considering to buy a used one for $18k USD.



17th Jul 2008, 05:19

The Rolls Clouds were perhaps the last truly elegant machines to be produced by any manufacturer, and I believe the decades ahead will bear this out.

The fact that "elegance" has been out of fashion for some time now remains relatively unimportant.

These automobiles speak of taste and style well beyond their currently perceived value and will be admired and respected long after countless others have been forgotten.

15th Aug 2008, 00:52

I've heard and read that the Silver Cloud was increasingly outdated in certain ways, particularly mechanically, from its beginning in 1955, but I have a very simple answer to that- who cares? The gas mileage is awful, but who cares? This car makes up for its small number of shortcomings by being a number of very important things- elegant, majestic, beautiful, and built to a level of quality the world has not often seen before or since.

The Silver Cloud is a timeless, magnificent car, in the words of Quentin Wilson, "A haven of peace in a troubled world".

Next to the Silver Cloud, even subsequent generations of Rolls-Royces don't seem quite able to match.