1977 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II 6.75 liter V8 from North America




The car had hardly been used; various problems relating to this needed to be attended to, along with a couple of other age related defects.

Proper 6-monthly maintenance is a prerequisite, regardless of minimal miles used.

Hydraulics leaked; accumulators and valves rebuilt, and system flushed.

Steering rack boots had rotted and were replaced.

Alternator and regulator were replaced due to defective diodes.

Carburetors were rebuilt.

A/C relay burned out and was replaced.

Electrical link to transmission required cleaning.

Gear selector would not select lowest gear; unit replaced.

Radio and clock needed servicing.


Update 29 March 2009:

This is a follow-up to my previous comments 3 years ago. The car has been a model of complete dependability in this time between 6-month servicing intervals, with some small items needing replacement at these times:

Pressure switch (1)

Solenoid valve rebuild.

New thermostat.

Small radiator hose.

General Comments:

The car is an exquisite, incredibly handsome and superlatively built from the most massive as well as the highest quality materials. (My own particular example is in new condition.)

Now that it is driven regularly, it is completely reliable. These cars drive at their best when in regular service. One should operate all systems from time to time.

It is quiet almost beyond belief; perhaps the most relaxing driving experience imaginable.

Air conditioning system is amazing and powerful, yet never intrusive, despite slightly noisy fans.


Update 29 March 2009:

Car still looks brand new, inside and out. Driving it is a serene experience that I look forward to every day.

Driving these cars a little, and often, is key to in maintaining reliability, and people often blame an older RR for failing to be dependable, and expensive to maintain - as if the magic name means neglect shouldn't be an issue as it would be on any other car.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2006

22nd Mar 2006, 07:25

How many previous owners?

Are you sure that mileage is genuine, because it's almost unbelievable?

Did the previous owner/s just use it as an ornament?

Very interesting review.

Mileage works out at approximately 500 miles per year, or 10 miles per week.

If you continue at that rate, your lovely car should last you several hundred years!

22nd Mar 2006, 13:19

Car had one prior owner, and the mileage is certified. It was hardly driven (though essentially maintained) since 1984.

4th Sep 2011, 01:53

I have an opportunity to buy a '79 that has evidently been driven an average of 2,000 miles per year. What would you consider to be a minimum range to consider as "regularly driven," please?

3rd Dec 2012, 19:54

Have just seen your question. A reasonable monthly mileage would be around 200, perhaps to average out at about 2000 annually. This is about enough to keep everything working smoothly and reliably. Hope this helps.

1978 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II from North America


Superb Automobile


Slight wear on the seats. Routine maintenance. Oil Change.

General Comments:

I would have to agree with the mechanics who have told me that this is a car to be 'driven'. I am on my 3rd Rolls, and I presently own a Corniche, and previously owned a Spur. I had always wanted a Silver Shadow which is why I just this one. This car is very well built, and IF maintained, performs well. It is a solid, stately, and well made car. If someone purchasing an older one has had problems, one should look to the maintenance records on the vehicle. You don't just purchase a Rolls without considering it's history. I have enjoyed each and every Rolls I have purchased, and will always own one. While it is true that maintenance is higher than that of other cars; the performance, the handling, and the comfort of the ride far exceeds that of any car I have ever driven. My only remaining wish is that I knew how to perform the maintenance myself.

The more you drive them, the better they perform. Period.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2005