1984 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 1 6.75 from UK and Ireland


Fantastic feeling every time I drive it


When I buy any old car, I build into my price a number things I do immediately. New iridium plugs, 10 mm leads, distributor cap, rotor, battery, brake pads, some pipes, under seal, all oils and filters & LPG gas. This all costs about 2000€. I also fitted parking sensors front and rear (40€) in half a day.

None of my cars have ever let me down yet (touch wood); I drove my last car about 26,000 miles & this one 9,000.

I did change the thermostat as it took too long to heat up in winter; 38€ and one hour's work.

General Comments:

This car is an example of hand built luxury for pennies. They drive like no other car; smooth, quiet and very comfortable. It is smoother and more soft than the Bentley Eight, though it costs a little more on LPG.

The car drives better on LPG than petrol.

Running cost in Ireland:

Classic road tax €56.

Classic insurance €200.

Depreciation €0.

Year's maintenance, oil & filter €44.

Year's fuel for 8000 miles at 12 MPG = 666 gallons at €3.00 a gallon = €2000.

Total cost €2300 or 28.7c a mile.

My 2011 E Class cost €42,000 and is now worth €22,000.

Depreciation €4000 a year, insurance €610, tax €390.

Service €350 a year (I can't do the modern car), and diesel was €750.

€6250 or 78c a mile.


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Review Date: 4th February, 2017

1987 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 6.75 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Great car, requires sustained, undivided commitment over time


Cooling system.

Wiper speed.

Wipers sagging.

All windows jammed.

Warm starting issues.

Rough idling.

Rough ride over bumps.


Power steering pump.

Air conditioning.

Braking system.

Cruise control.

Dash lights.

Interior lights.

General Comments:

This car, like many of these older cars was left in a garage for many years. He just gave up with the overwhelming list of service issues.

The car drives well, and I'm learning about these issues by driving the car.

It was taken through the car wash 1,000 times; I'm sure as there are scratches all over it. The paint is in a moderate condition. Interior fantastic, but had a shocking musty smell and had spider webs and mould inside.

Have spent approximately $5,000 on the first service and now finding a host of issues to be addressed. One project after the other needs to be addressed over a long period of time. These cars are all the same, with all the same issues.

This is my 3rd Rolls/Bentley. Have waited 25 years for this and I needed this time to get over the last one, which was a money pit. Not only that, but most of these cars are beyond saving, they only look nice.

Being in a car club is important because it's all about the duration. The car is not in the same ball park as any other car, it's better than anything and everything. Only special people own these. Once a person owns one, they can never truly be satisfied with any other car.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2016

1986 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 6.75 from Australia and New Zealand


Very good


Electrics, windows, lights, fuel hatch, boot lock, suspension/shockers, brakes, power steering, washers.

General Comments:

A very good car, sadly neglected.

Cheap to buy, costs slightly more to fix, but now worth about market value. Sad to say too many rip off merchants out there see the badge and the dollar signs ring up. Was the same when I was in business, so am happy I can do most work myself as these shysters won't get much of my work. Some tell you it's not a weekend mechanic's car; it's still a motor car, and with care and advice you can do almost all the work yourself. One comment mentions substitute parts, so check the Internet, it's correct.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2015