1981 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit from South Africa


The best


I have had no failures on the car.

Due to the excessive heat we experience in summer, 45 to 52 degrees, I fitted an American Flexolite Fan (Flex Fan). This has worked very well and I would recommend it.

I use the car every day, and normally travel every second weekend close on 2000 kilometers.

I have removed four of the six silencers, leaving only the back two. This has lessened the heat build up under the car, and improved fuel consumption.

I average 5/6 kilometers to the litre, averaging 140 kilometers an hour on a 600 kilometer trip.

General Comments:

I am very satisfied with the performance, it has never failed to deliver when presented with a challenge which I enjoy.

I also own a 71 Shadow, and have made the same conversions on it.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2009

10th Jun 2012, 14:20

Most interesting! I'm in the American Deep South, and was worried about a Rolls Royce's possibly overheating here. I've saved your comment to my 'Rolls Royce' file, and will pass your description of your modifications along to whoever works on my car (should I buy one).

I drove Volvos for decades, and noticed an enormous improvement in reliability/longevity, once the company added a fan (probably similar to what you're describing), to control 'afterboil'. Good to know one can be retrofitted onto a Royce.

Thank you for that information!

1986 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 6.75 liter V8 from North America


Not to be used as your only vehicle!


All four tires went "out of round." The car had not been driven more than a few miles every 2-3 months for the previous 2 years.

One of the AC/radiator fan belts failed--luckily there are actually two identical belts, so this did not stop the car, but it made some awful noises!!!

Relays that control position of transmission (park, reverse, etc) intermittently need to be reset, and sometimes even then the car will not change gears when the lever is moved. Still looking for the problem.

General Comments:

Drives better than expected--not as numb and "floaty" as I expected.

Engine is powerful and moves the car with authority and a deep bass rumble, but at the expense of dismal fuel economy (13 mpg highway).

Decadent interior: leather, wood, chrome, and wool everywhere. Power everything (except, strangely, for seat back angle!)

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Review Date: 10th December, 2002

4th Apr 2003, 07:21

Not to be used as your only vehicle? Why not? It's the ideal family car for us.

4th Apr 2003, 07:23

You front seats have power tilt, as have all Rolls-Royce motor cars since 1965.

13th Nov 2003, 20:35

These cars can most definitely be used as a daily vehicle --indeed that is what they were designed for. Unfortunately, a lot of people buy these cars for the wrong reasons and keep them in the garage, ready to brag about low miles. Let's not forget these cars are the most complex vehicles on the planet -- a RR has 80,000 parts. An S-Class Benz about 12,000. With the complex hydraulic systems etc, a Rolls should be looked at in the same way one would look at owning a light aircraft. If they are driven, and maintained as the Owners Handbooks clearly states, these sturdy cars are capable of a lifetime of service. My 1982 Silver Spirit has been in daily use, with proper maintenance since new. And is now as good as new at just a bit over 200,000 miles. It is also important that people regularly treat the leather with nothing, but Hide Food. Reupholstering one of these cars correctly will cost $20,000 - $25,000. And of course, use ONLY HSMO Hydraulic Mineral Oil and POSITIVELY NO OTHER to top up the twin reservoirs.

1989 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit from North America


An expensive car to own, but great to be seen in.


Rear struts both failed.

Air conditioning compressor failed.

Front passenger and left rear passenger power window motors failed.

Hydraulic levelling pump failed.

Have noticed cracking in paint at roof line and next to grille.

General Comments:

Car was 10 years old with only 15000 miles, so many systems needed attention. These cars prefer to be driven, not parked.

This is a daily commuter vehicle for me and is now very reliable albeit an anachronism.

Although this model is fuel injected the actual performance is quite staid. I managed to get the fuel consumption up to 14 miles per gallon (US gallon) by not having the automatic climate control left on which always runs the air conditioning.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2002

30th Apr 2003, 23:38

I had the privilege of driving a right hand drive Silver Shadow once. The first thing I noticed, was that the car still seemed tight after over 20 years and 100k miles. Also, when the brakes were applied fairly hard, the front didn't do the 'nosedive' that is so typical of American luxury cars. I've tried to duplicate the ride and I've come very close with my '89 Mercury Grand Marquis by adding stiffer shocks and wider, lower profile tires.