8th Feb 2006, 15:03

I totally agree about people buying them for the wrong reasons as in keeping them in a garage. I recently bought a 1986 silver spirit and I use it everyday and drive the car with respect as I hope other RR owners do. It has been a life long dream to own a Rolls and I believe every walk of life these days could own one. As I've just turned 34yrs of age and yes I have had the odd sports car and cheap run around in my past, but since I bought the Rolls I've never looked back. I belive in the long run its cheaper to run a Rolls than a Mini due to wear and tear. I did have to save up and pay for a bill of £1250 for the rear brake callipers overhaul, but that's all needed doing. The last owner passed away and looked after the car as you can tell with the receipts and all the wood has been restored. I'm very surprised on my insurance as well!! as I've been a good boy my insurance was cheaper than a small family saloon "fully comp" as I've never claimed anything before, I just hope this car will last me for my later days as I'm now a very happy and proud RR owner, my last point would be that I couldn't stress how important regular service will be on the car, I know it maybe be pricey depends on the job, but if you're not up to standard the car will suffer!! and if you are fortunate to own a Rolls then you must be prepared for the attention the car needs, and in return your car will truly be the envy of the world. Safe driving.

2nd Dec 2007, 04:43

I love my Silver Spirit, compared with the 2 Silver Shadows I did own, and sold, at a great loss, to avoid costly refinishing. I will miss them.

The Silver Spirit I bought in 1993; a 1983. I completely redid everything. Wood, leather, stereo 14 speakers and 4 amps, wood additions, suspension by Harvey Baily, refined the body all in more exciting colors, and made many mechanical mods, and the car is absolutely wonderful. The total investment is up to 77 thousand, however I prefer it to a 400 thousand dollar Phantom.

The Silver Spirit is a Rolls Royce purebred and I remodelled it just the way I want it. With European headlamps and the disappearing lady from the UK models.

Using the best components, Rolls parts, and keeping up its service.

I have 15 cars and should drive it more to keep it up to par. My car can be seen on youtube.com; search Rolls Royce.

It has mirrored side glass; you can't miss it. Enjoy.


22nd Dec 2008, 16:50


I am about to become a Rolls Royce owner. I am looking at 1986 Spirit and was wondering what to look for when buying one second hand. What are they like for rust?

12th Oct 2012, 13:01

No, R-R only added electrical adjustment for rake on front seats in the mid 80s. The Silver Spirit I did not have electrical rake adjustment, and nor did any of the Silver Shadow models that preceded it.