1985 Rolls Royce Silver Spur 6.75 L from North America


A Rolls purchased used is a lot of car for the money


Right front passenger power seat not working.

Rear window was leaking.

General Comments:

This is the second Rolls Royce I have owned.

I have found them to be very reliable cars if you drive them on a regular basis. The worst thing you can do to a Rolls Royce is to let it sit in the garage.

I also own a Jaguar and Aston Martin, and the cost of maintenance is no worse on the Rolls than either of the previously mentioned cars.

I drive it regularly on trips between Chicago and Western New York, and it is definitely a road car. It cruises along at 80 MPH no problem. I am never tired when I get to my destination.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2011

1985 Rolls Royce Silver Spur 6.75 L from North America


Will buy another to keep this one company


Battery - previous owner - was 7 years old.

Starter - Valet at R*tz hotel flooded the engine and over cranked, burned out starter.

Rubbing noise in steering column under cowling when turning right or left; cause unknown.

Trunk lock does not work either by power or manual with key.

Wax on body badly wrecked paint on body after taking it through a brushless car wash. DON'T do that. Cost $400 to have a professional restoration shop get paint back to normal.

General Comments:

Love the car. I am the 4th owner and immediately drove the car 1700 miles from Phoenix to Portland, Oregon with no issues after leaving Phoenix.

Remember... The car owns you, you do not own the car. Be at peace with this, be a servant to the ownership desire, serve the car, and all will be well.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2011

19th Jun 2011, 05:37

You did real well to only have to pay $400 to fix the paint on a Rolls Royce. I won't take anything through a car wash now.

21st Jun 2011, 22:00

The trunk lock doesn't work? Maybe the car that owns you just doesn't want you to see what's in there.

10th Aug 2011, 01:25

Did you miss the fact that he bought the car in Phoenix, not Las Vegas?

13th Aug 2011, 07:55

Wait, if you buy a second one, won't the first one get jealous?

Think about it.

22nd Aug 2011, 17:47

I don't really trust automatic car washes in the first place. Good thing you got that taken care of - especially on a Rolls Royce. Your $400 could have turned into a more expensive full-body respray if you left it alone.

4th Nov 2012, 13:23

I'm astonished anyone would take a RR to any sort of car wash. I only own a lowly Lexus: but I wash it myself (except the one time the dealership mistakenly washed it)... never with soap or detergent... never with chlorinated water.

My Volvo, I treated the same way. Consequently, the paint gleamed, even though the car endured fifteen years in the broiling Southern sunlight.

For Heaven's sake, guys! A RR deserves rainwater or distilled water, and to be buffed dry with soft cotton rags (rags which have been washed countless times, to be sure all the silicone/sizing is gone).

If I ever feel stout enough to buy a RR, it will be treated like the precious work of art it is.

5th Nov 2012, 18:33

I don't have a Rolls Royce. I also do not go to car washes; more with concern with brushes or fabric strips. I have a whole house large water filter, and don't wash with special water. I use detail supplies from a place in Philadelphia called US Auto Supply on my classic cars. I use micro fiber towels. I am extremely careful washing, and do not do it in direct sun. I dry the car thoroughly. I have spent a few days detailing mine with some breaks in between. Must work, as I have won many Best in Shows with my car.

1985 Rolls Royce Silver Spur Jankel Limousine 6.75L Rolls Royce from North America


Simply the finest limousine made!


Replaced Air Pump, Starter, Alternator, drive shaft, trunnions, speed control bellows, brakes and rotors, AC compressor, headlight relay (twice), all at 48,000 to 55,000 miles. Just completely replaced/refurbished cooling system and electrical system. Simply caught up on a lot of neglected maintenance from previous owner. I am the second owner and this limousine has always been in private service.

General Comments:

This is, without question, the most elegant short stretch limousine on the road. It is quick, handles like a standard Spur, and able to park in a standard shopping center space. The long wheel base, coupled with the very comfortable seating, yields a most luxurious ride in both the front and in the rear. The finish, wood, and spacious cabin are the very epitome of the elegance and panache that is Rolls Royce. Everywhere we go, we get a thumbs up from everyone. I have two other Rolls, An 89 Silver Spur, which I just sold last month, and my 85 SIlver Spirit which I have just refurbished. I have 10 automobiles, and my wife insists that I part with one of the Rolls, yet when she wants to go on a trip out of town, she invariably chooses the limousine over her Cadillac Seville. I use the limo primarily for my kids' activities and the thumbs up we get when I drive his basketball team to a tournament are worth the operating costs, which are not inconsequential. I calculate the operating costs for this Jankel Limousine at about $6,000 per year, exclusive of gas and insurance.

I enjoy both driving and being driven in this magnificent automobile. I still cannot believe that I prefer to drive this limousine over most of my other cars. Of course being able to put up the dividers and driving in a comfortable silence while the kids are rocking in the back is in itself worth every dollar!

The previous owner spent a great deal of money maintaining the appearance of this limousine, but disregarded much of the mechanical preventative maintenance.

Looks and drives like a new car.

The last car I loved as well was my love-hate affair with a Maserati Quattroporte. The lack of any dealer/manufacturer support for that car ended that love affair.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2004

26th Apr 2004, 12:47

Thanks for sharing your experience and opinion on your 1985 Rolls (Jankel) Limousine. I am considering purchasing a 1987 that I have found, but it will require a great deal of restoration work as it has 135,000 miles and the interior leather is also badly cracked. There are two things I hope you will help me with: Authenticity and Value.

First, the VIN number report (like CarFax except NADA) does NOT indicate this is a limousine, but reports as if it is a normal 4 to 6 passenger Rolls. If you have run such a report on your Jankel, can you tell me if it is similar or does it say "limousine"? If you haven't and don't mind telling me your VIN number I could run the report and see.

My concern, of course, is that this might NOT be a real Jankel and they are worth a lot more than aftermarket conversions.

Second is "value". NADA reports a value from $76,000 to $152,500 for low to high retail with average retail as $111,200 for the 1985 model and about $4000 higher for the 1987 I am considering, but I feel these values may be extremely HIGH. If they really do fetch those prices the total restoration I am considering will be far more viable, but if those prices are as far off as I fear they are I might be better off buying a lower mileage car that did not need the extensive restoration. I found one in Japan with only a little over 30,000 miles that looks great and is offered at about $53,000 which is why I think the VIN number report is wrong. I would think they would actually be higher in Japan. Can you help me with valuation by sharing your recent purchase details? (price, mileage, condition, etc.) You can reply directly to me at lilfish405@hotmail.com Thanks.

1985 Rolls Royce Silver Spur from North America


If you can afford it, don't be afraid to own one


Exhaust gasket needed replacement.

Small crack in the exhaust pipe had to be welded. An inexpensive repair.

Windshield washer motor wiring has a fault and needs to be investigated.

General Comments:

This is a magnificent automobile and a total pleasure to own and drive. While the costs may be a bit higher than other luxury automobiles, this car is worth every penny it takes to keep it in top running form (provided you can afford it, of course). The ultimate in driving pleasure and prestige on the road.

The only hassle is acquiring parts and repairs can take a bit longer to complete.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2001