1987 Rolls Royce Silver Spur 6.7 fuel injection from Belgium


A dream car if you can afford the running costs

General Comments:

After 9 months of searching, I have found my perfect Silver Spur, a 1987 fuel injected one from the 20.000 series.

It had been preserved by the second owner for 12 years, who drove only 1000 km (!), but it was not maintained.

After a month of negotiating, I bought the car reasonably cheap, knowing that the costs to get it back to good condition would be higher than the purchase price.

I've read all RR Silver reviews on this site, and everything they say is true. It's a dream car, and every ride is pure joy.

But don't buy it if you cannot afford the running costs. It is expensive to get it in perfect condition, and it does consume a lot of fuel. That's why you seldom see any driving. I converted my car to run on gas (25L/100km!), which is why I can use it as a daily car. The driving experience is unique, and even driving non-RR addicts as passengers makes them surprised and convinced about this Silver Spur being the absolute top.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2012

5th Mar 2014, 12:46

Converted to "gas" implies propane? Is this an easy conversion, and what about finding fuel stops? I doubt this is possible here in the US.

What were the most expensive service issues you had to deal with over the ownership years?


6th Mar 2014, 11:59

The Silver Spur runs perfectly fine on 87 octane (Regular Grade) and in the 6 summers of driving my 1989 Spur I have never found the consumption that excessive. If one has a heavy right foot and drives a lot in city traffic, consumption will be higher. Take it out to the country roads and enjoy a nice 50-60 mph drive. That's where one appreciates the joy of ownership.

9th May 2016, 09:01

About 87 octane: try 94 available from Chevron (B.C. Canada) plus a can of octane booster to boost the octane by another 2; you will really feel the power.