22nd Aug 2010, 09:32

I have a 1987 Silver Spur that starts up great when cold, but takes a while to start up when warm. It also gets a gas smell when doing this.


24th Sep 2010, 01:39

Hello. I'm considering the purchase of a 1981 Spur with 32K miles. I'm drawn to this year because I greatly fear auto electronics, and I assume this car has fewer of them than the later years. Should I not buy this car?

7th Nov 2010, 10:20

I am about to purchase a second hand Rolls (a Spirit) with 140,000 miles on the clock, but with service history. Any comments? It's a 1996 model.

Also, can anyone tell me difference between the Spur and the Spirit?

8th Dec 2010, 01:29

The difference between the Spirit and the Spur is the wheel base. The trick with these Rollers is to drive them nicely and regularly, and to keep up to date with your maintenance program!!

20th Dec 2010, 17:40

Am interested in the 90-92, and very interested therefore in any comments regarding things I should be looking for.

29th Nov 2011, 13:30

I just noticed your question asking what the difference is between the RR Silver Spur and Spirit. What comes to mind first is that the Spur is 4 inches longer than the Spirit. Thus making it a long wheel base car.

I own a 1989 Silver Spur, and find that the 4 inches makes a big difference in the leg room of the back seat. It's great for picking up friends at the airport.

7th Jun 2015, 14:51

OK, your best parts supplier is in England, Flying Spares. Their prices are fair, although the shipping on large items can be steep. But you're dealing with experts and you're assured of getting the correct part and tech advice.

Bill Bohaboy.

12th Jun 2015, 02:06

I myself just picked up an 89 Silver Spur long wheel base with 21k miles. This is cherry, however, I'm not sure why the A/C seems like it has a block, possibly an electric valve. Any diagrams out there?

22nd Aug 2015, 06:43

Front pads for RR Spur Bendix DB625, I can only assume fit the Spirit as well, as that's what I have.

3rd Oct 2016, 06:54

A 1990-1992 model Spirit/Spur II will generally be a good car; however, the weak point on these models is the active suspension, as shocks are very expensive to replace (double what they would cost on a 1989 and earlier model). Also, when the shocks fail on a Spirit/Spur II, they'll default into "hard" mode, which will noticably affect your ride.

12th Oct 2016, 00:27

Hello all,

I own a 1988 Silver Spur since 2010. I think I'm one of the few that owns one here in Manila, Philippines. I seldom use it, but enjoy every minute of driving the RR. I imported the Spur from Japan. The only trouble I have been encountering is the aircon blower; sometimes there's 1-5 minutes delay when turning the A/C on (is there anyone who can help me on this?).

Other than that, the car is in very good condition. I still think that it's a car ahead of its time. It's worth having one.

24th Jan 2017, 23:56

The adjustable shocks default to stiff in the event of failure in the Spirit/Spur II (in the Spur III, they default to ultra soft). Also, the gas springs at the front of the boot can have the rubber diaphragm rupture, which has a similar effect. This holds true for the entire Spirit/Spur model series.

18th Mar 2017, 21:44

If you have to ask, you are probably in over your head... that being said... they NEED to be driven and not garaged. It is an excellent, dependable vehicle when driven daily.

1st Jun 2017, 02:30

The reason why, on hot starts, fuel gathers in the carbs - when the car is hot and you need to start it, depress the gas pedal down by a least a third down - this will blow the gas out of the carbs and the car will start better.

14th Sep 2017, 19:07

Do they use regular 87 octane gas? Shouldn't they use Premium or at least mid-grade?

15th Sep 2017, 13:51

Higher octane fires up better. I use it in my cars and boats. Even in a 60 HP oil injected outboard. Starts easier.

11th Jul 2018, 19:55

I read that Rolls Royce cars started being ready to run gas with ethanol in 1990. In general from what I see on conversions, you need to have a plastic gas tank (ethanol will eat the metal ones), change the fuel pump, change the seals, hoses, gas tank float and carb floats if you have them. Anyone having issues with an 89 running on ethanol?

12th Jul 2018, 12:40

Every car I own has 10% ethanol in the fuel tanks on every routine fillup. All have metal gas tanks. I use Startron on my cars that are lightly driven. Good for ethanol breakup. I hate it. Has cost thousands with one boat we had. Plus tow bills on the water. It hasn’t saved money for us only knowing there’s less oil dependence overall. I don’t own a Rolls, but I suspect a Rolls owner would love non ethanol fuel, even at a high premium. Maybe one day they will come up with a better additive than being subjected to its downfalls. Don’t want electric or buying a sailboat as an alternative.