5th Aug 2002, 07:20

"A very reliable, comfortable and affordable small family car with 20 years of manufacturing behind it".

You must be joking!

After 20 years of manufacturing it is still crap, it was outdated in every department in the eighties and a joke in the nineties.

The only thing Rover did the past 20 years is manufacturing this car between strikes, they never spend any money on development

It is not reliable nor safe and it rusted like an old bucket.

I think we must scrap them all, but one, this one has to go to a museum as an example of bad taste, bad design and poor craftsmanship.

30th Jun 2005, 03:03

Actually, it was the most high-tech supermini in the 80's. It defined the super-mini sector, incorperating deceptive looks (interior is bigger than you think) fantastic suspension - made them great to drive, with a near perfect ride quality.

When the Metro got launched as the Rover Metro, it won car of the year by What Car? Again it did so again a year later.

Any 1980's super mini will preform badly in a head on collision - it was only the fact that the Metro/100 had such old underpinnings where as the rivals had caught up and had naturally spent money on safety, that the Metro did badly. I'd rather be in a 1980's Metro than a 1980's fiesta/Micra/ Nova anyday.

The poster above clearly has no idea about the Metro or anything about the British manufacturer.

19th Jul 2005, 05:51

I have a little rover 100 and I love it!! it my first car and does great for me and gets me around town. Any one who put it down has not experience the car enough, it's a lovely, quite and compact car to drive!

25th Jan 2006, 13:48

I have had a Rover 111 for just over a year now. It has been cheap to run and very comfortable. Average fuel consumption is 45 miles per gallon giving about 330 miles to a tank of petrol. Motorway driving is good with 70 mph easy to achieve and fuel consumption of over 50 miles to a gallon. It may not be the safest car on the road with respect to collision ratings, but this should be seen as a way to focus ones mind on not driving recklessly.

8th Feb 2006, 10:49

I've had the 114 GSI version of this car for a year it started off good, but the fuel consumption is a major problem, a full tank gives me 170 miles. The ECU is prone to failure when you get a jump start... it is a good run around, but 27 quid for 170 a big no no.