1994 Rover - Austin 200 220 Coupe 2.0i from UK and Ireland


Gorgeous car with niggling problems


New tyres due to wear (2 sets).

New clutch cable due to snapping.

Starter motor is currently having problems starting, seems OK if you leave the electrics on for a moment.

Driver's side window "fell" into the door as the motor on the window trapped pulleys (£420, replacement on order only).

Key fob stopped working, hence needed to find a Rover dealer with the key code to get into car and turn the alarm off. Replacement fob's are £50 each and £30 for tuning them.

Dealer service very poor and very expensive.

Oil leaks common.

Aside from the clutch break, no other mechanical failures of note have occured.

General Comments:

Interior rattles and squeaks a lot when driving over uneven surfaces.

Suspension "squeaks" when over going bumps but appears okay when tested.

Nice fast car, looks great when washed etc...

Very happy with it despite the problems.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2001

24th Jan 2001, 04:55

I have had a 1995 1600 coupe for 3 years now and it really is great.

The engine has now done over 100,000 miles and runs excellently. It is quite quick but a bit gutless up hills.

Rover engines are good when looked after well, but I unfortunately have to say that the 1600 Honda engine does excel.

This car is well worth buying and has been 100% reliable with no faults at all (even no rattles). It has a leather interior and is very well put together.

I was going to get a turbo but found it to be less enjoyable to drive to the very heavy clutch and mega torque steer and lots of rattles!!

1994 Rover - Austin 200 220 GSi 2.0 16v from UK and Ireland


High performance beast


Clutch cable snapped after 167 miles.

Central locking on the driver's side door doesn't work when operated using a remote.

General Comments:

I have only had the car a few days but I lOVE it so much I just had to add a review, the clutch is being fixed so that's not a problem.

The insurance on this car is high for me, I'm 20, 1 year NCB £1470 TPFT! But such a FAST and forgiving car. Good mpg when cruising around 60-70mph too, around 47mpg!

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Review Date: 10th January, 2001

1994 Rover - Austin 200 220 GSi 2.0 n/a from UK and Ireland


Great all round performer for not much money


New petrol tank needed after petrol kept leaking from around the filler neck (fixed under warranty by the dealer).

General Comments:

Better than average performance for a 2 litre yet still fairly cheap to insure.

Looks sporty as standard.

Even with my lead right foot I am still getting 30mpg :-). Easily the best car I have had.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2001

1994 Rover - Austin 200 220 GSi 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Top notch car if you're prepared to maintain it


1 valve burnt out - had this replaced and the rest re-sleeved, new head gasket, bolts, etc. £600 but inevitable when looking at the mileage on the car.

Brake master cylinder went recently causing spongy brakes - yet to be looked at.

Front anti-roll bar links fail every M.O.T!?!?! Only cheap though...

General Comments:

Had it lowered 40mm and it corners like it's on rails! Wouldn't mind a turbo but it shifts for an injection engine.

Will be forced to sell soon due to increasing maintenance costs but would love a newer (lower mileage) version only they stopped making them!

Must mention the interior also - half leather, well adjustable and electric everything - very nice.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2000

3rd Sep 2001, 12:59

I bought a 220 GSi (non-turbo) in 1995 at about 10,000 miles and I am just about to sell it at 87,000 miles because it is becoming expensive to maintain. Bodywork is fine. I have loved driving it and am having problems finding something newer like it - it doesn't exist. MPG on a long run is about 39. Few problems really - key fob went U/S at about 50,000 miles; oil leaks cured by replacing crank shaft gasket and cylinder head gasket, clutch cable snapped and new rad (original one badly corroded) at 82,000 miles; new catalyst at 85,000 miles; temperature sensor in coolant system went twice - but the electronics are now defeating my patience. Engine management circuit board played up - symptoms were a very fast idle - because various temperature sensors went wrong and was rebuilt but has left starting problems (non-electronic). Seem to have a poor trade in-price; better to sell privately if you can stand the hassle.