1996 Rover - Austin 200 216si Auto 1.6 16V petrol from UK and Ireland


Bought it at 1 year old with 9,500 miles.

Split tyre replaced o.k., but airbag light needed 2 visits to fix.

No problems until 12 month service. Then advised about problem (rumble) in the crankshaft, which l thought l had heard. Engine then replaced at Rover's expense. Crankshaft incorrectly machined from new. Totally new unit fitted, plus gearbox coupling. (well done Rover).

Also had a squeal from front offside wheel, which appears to have disappeared with new pads fitted.

General Comments:

lt was a Rover dealer who pointed out the engine problem, contacted the factory, and arranged for the new engine to be fitted at their cost.

l am very pleased with this, and the new engine is running fine.

For an auto, this car performs extremely well, and the torquey engine and CVT auto box pulls the car smoothly from 0 - 110+ mph with no delays or upchanges.(0-60 in under 10 seconds).

The car handles well, and is well equipped.

It is expensive new, but s/hand is o.k.

Will keep unless l have problems.

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Review Date: 10th November, 1998

1996 Rover - Austin 200 220 SDI Turbo Diesel from UK and Ireland


Initially the windows and doors rattled at speeds above 60mph which took six attempts and nine months to fix.

The radio/cassette was delivered broken.

General Comments:

A fast car which is fun to drive, very economical to run and cheap to insure.

The car looks good but the standard of equipment should be improved. In my opnion it should have at least alloy wheels & ABS as standard.

Overall it is a shame this "wonderful" car is let down by its build quality and poor dealer network.

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Review Date: 11th January, 1998

1996 Rover - Austin 200 216 Si 1.6 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


Drivers side wing mirror rattles and wobbles above 75mph. Rear passenger doors don`t close unless you push them hard.

Fuel gauge is extremely unreliable, at empty, when I fill up, I only get 30 litres in, stupid when it's supposed to be a 50 litre tank!

General Comments:

I have one of the new shape models in 5 door, Amaranth (metallic purple).

Lovely car. Quick and effective overtaker. 0-60 in 9 seconds. Holds a steep A-road hill at 50mph in 5th gear. Good throttle response, smooth engine, although it needs revving to get the best from it.

Looks gorgeous and turns heads, especially in metallic purple (which I have). Ridiculously cheap to insure for the power you get (111bhp). (Group 7). A bit cramped in the back for adults, shouldn`t have 3 adults in the back unless they are contortionists! With the seats folded down you can fit two mountain bikes and 2 persons worth of luggage for a holiday (I`ve done it).

Handling is pretty good and body roll is minimal, although the front can run wide especially in the wet, PAS can feel light if you are throwing it around the lanes.

Can`t wait to save up to buy a 200vi!

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Review Date: 3rd January, 1998

25th Dec 2003, 12:12

I have exactly the same problem with my 218 is, with regard to the fuel gauge. It reads empty, but I can only fit about £25 in - crazy! Although the problem I have might be a little different, because the trip meter reads correct, so £25 gets me 250 or so miles. mmmmm... anyone any ideas?? E-mail Bernielad@aol.com :0)

18th Jan 2004, 08:20

I thought they were basically designed that way (yes, weirdly) so that you've plenty of time to find fuel on the road - especially as they don't have low fuel warning lights. So the gauge really only applies to the top three quarters or so of the tank. I had a 214Si which certainly did the same - £25 of petrol for 250 miles, and the gauge going from "F" to "E".

22nd Mar 2004, 05:45

Ah!!! I thought it was just my fuel gauge that tells porkies.

The only other thing that bugs me about my 216Si is the reverse gear - it's a sod to engage. Everything else about the car is great. It's good to drive, quicker than most of its competitors, comfortable (for me anyway - some people complain about the driving position, but to me it's fine) and reliable. Yes, reliable. No head gasket failure and it just keeps going on and on and on...

1996 Rover - Austin 200 216SLi 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


A number of initial teething troubles: in particular a manufacturing fault on early "new" 200s left the back spoiler vulnerable to over-zealous car washes! I can't complain: they fixed it for free.

General Comments:

Once up and running, I've been very pleased with the car; the top of the range models are pricey but offer luxury car features in a small package. The car has been unfavourably compared to Escorts and Astras because of reduced back seat space, but if you don't have a large family there are plenty of other things to recommend the 200 over its competitors.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 1997